Verizon iPhone Sales Lower Than Apple And Verizon's Expectations?

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imageVerizon iPhone Sales Lower Than Apple And Verizon's Expectations?

BGR reports that sales of Verizon iPhone has fallen short of Apple and Verizon’s expectations based on information from five Apple stores during the first five day’s of Verizon iPhone’s availability.

BGR has revealed total unit sales totals from five Apple stores, which includes two prominent Apple stores.

* Thursday: Verizon = 909, AT&T = 539
* Friday: Verizon = 916, AT&T = 680

* Saturday: Verizon = 660, AT&T = 471
* Sunday: Verizon = 796, AT&T = 701
* Monday: Verizon = 711, AT&T = 618

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  • J
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    att gave me a free microcell to install at home. service is great AT HOME which it should've been like since the beginning. I still drop calls when i'm out. my contract ends in March and not even this free microcell will keep me with att. only question is when i will switch...iphone5? i have friends that got the iphone4 but don't want to pay the ETF (which is why i'm still stuck with my 3G).
  • Fattrain
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    The CDMA network that makes multi-tasking online impossible is a 100% DEAL KILLER for me as I would imagine it is as well for most who aren't speaking up...
  • Joe blow
    Joe blow Posts: 12
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    well I assume that everyone is holding out for the iPhone 5.
  • Chris
    Chris Posts: 736
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    If verizon had all the toys at&t have then I would of switch ,but I have a business that need talk & surf vary important to me so hopefully one day Vz can change that ,also want to see if by the time the new iPhone 5 comes out and Vz havent made any changes then I will just stick to AT&T .
  • angel
    angel Posts: 81
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    Wat wrong wit att...i dont have any problem....
  • Iphone4pwnaged
    Iphone4pwnaged Posts: 2
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    The CDMA network that makes multi-tasking online impossible is a 100% DEAL KILLER for me as I would imagine it is for orhers too + the VZ 3G speed is not helping.
  • Tony
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    No problem for me to use AT&T, no plan to switch now, not to a CDMA phone even down the road.
  • Val
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    Any of the smart ones would. Why would you want last years model when you could wait 4 months and get the newest? Especially if you are going to have it for 2 years.
  • John
    John Posts: 790
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    We'll see the real impact over time. This current verizon iphone launch is just to satisfy the demand of those who don't want to wait. Despite being almost a year old, they still sold quite a large number of phones.
  • Ryoga209
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    well, I've been with AT&T for a very long time before they changed there names multiple times in the past. Had a few dropped calls because of spotty areas, but besides that. I am keeping myself free for another upgrade, iphone 5 and possibly grandfathering my unlimited data plans over to it. I don't want to lose that option and further more love the ability to do both voice and data simultaneously.Verizon peeps might say that it isn't a big factor. In my opinion. They just never had that experience to begin with to realize or just maybe they're in denial...
  • Mcsteven
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    Faster data speed. That's why I'm staying with AT&T. If I meet someone in person with the verizon iPhone, and I can see it functions better than mine, than I'll switch, but only then. I live in Arizona and I usually have better coverage than my wife who has verizon. So it's hard for me to believe all these rumors and "comparisons". I've put my iPhone next to my friends droid incredible and my iPhone kicks it's butt everytime even though it's suppose to be "so much faster". Bunch of marketing crap.
  • Diablozoe
    Diablozoe Posts: 76
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    Screw ATT and Verizon!!! Let it loose on Tmob's network!!! I bet it out sells Verizon!!! Hands down!!
  • Michael DeMaio
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    In my area I don't drop that many calls. I love simultaneous function and data speed helps with streaming functions like sling box. I also have unlimited data
  • brian
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    I've had no problems with ATT. On Long Island were I travel, the signal is always strong, though there is one dead spot on the LIE. I've had no direct issues with ATT service either, and they are cheaper then Verizon would be, at least in my case. So I have no, none, not-ta reason to even consider leaving ATT.
  • fas
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    Its just the start, I am sure after some time they will overtake.
  • Jason
    Jason Posts: 585
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    you have to also remember the people that have had at&t and complained about them are still under the iron first of at&t. And may have to pay a cool 250 to get out of that marrage. They might as well just wait till their contract is over.
  • amanda
    amanda Posts: 7
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    I've always preferred ATT over Verizon. I've had Verizon, Tmobile, and Sprint. So far, ATT has showed me the best customer service. And I rarely have an issue with cellular network coverage. I won't be switching over.
  • vic
    vic Posts: 14
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    I've been with ATT for years, cingular prior to ATT. Part of reason is loyalty. Rollover minutes is a cool feature to have. As far as the iphone goes, I rather wait and see how the iphone does on Verizon network before making any jump. The fact that ATT is GSM network so it makes it easy for those who travel a lot to stick with ATT. Another reason, why would anyone want to jump to Verizon yet when the iphone they did release is not even 4G compatible. I rather wait for a 4G version of the phone after Verizon just releasing their 4G network.
  • Cooper
    Cooper Posts: 144
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    A lot of current Verizon customers that I know are waiting for the 5 before they switch. I know a few people who are considering the switch and want to wait and see how the Verizon network holds up with all of the new users. It looks like that's a moot point now.No way am I switching to a slower network without multitasking, let alone a phone that won't work outside of the U.S.
  • peter the great
    peter the great Posts: 17
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    When the 5 is alive,I'm going to drive,way out on I-5,And yell.. go to Hell,and ring my bell,When i get a 5
  • Kwopau
    Kwopau Posts: 294
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    And yet we do not know what Apple plans on doing with the next generation iphone. Seeing that the iphone 4 for Verizon has a qualcomm chip in it, which is to work on both GSM/CDMA. So it's a possibility that they might make the phone universal, or they might just do AT&T in Summer and Verizon in Winter.
  • Kwopau
    Kwopau Posts: 294
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    Honestly, it all depends where you live. I have been using AT&T since 2006 (a year before iphone 1st gen. came out, which came out on 2007), when I first starting using Moto Razor. I never had a single dropped call on that phone. Since 2008, I got the iphone 3G because it was cheaper (subsidized). Ever since that I have NEVER gotten a dropped calls, not even a single. I have yet to wait because I never do. I'm going to stick to AT&T, and I don't care about the unlimited. I checked my account, and every month I always end up around 1.5 GB of data usage before it cycles over. So for me I really don't need the unlimited data.Also with the CDMA, I don't think that they will ever change that, especially that you can't surf and talk. I'm pretty sure that will happen on the CDMA LTE as well. Sure some people may not care about it but wants it because they get good service. Where I am I always get good service, full 5 bars. So definitely don't need to make the switch.
  • Steven M.
    Steven M. Posts: 18
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    Can we please stop repeating the slightly misleading statement that "Verizon's CDMA network does not permit simultaneous voice and data transfer, which has been seen as a deal breaker by some of our readers, especially AT&T iPhone users who are used to this feature." Yes, that's true. However, I got the new Verizon iPhone last week and am happily surfing the web (via WiFi, not via 3G) while talking on the phone. WiFi is always faster anyhow, and WiFi connections are all over the place in big cities.
    I HATE FIRSTERS Posts: 7
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    WOW!!!!!! guite the change from two months ago when a lot of people here were saying things like, "If Verizon gets the iPhone, I'm gone!!!!"
  • anthony banks
    anthony banks Posts: 0
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  • blueice
    blueice Posts: 6
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    It was a great business strategy on AT&Ts part by increasing the ETF to over 300 before the release of the Iphone 4. An article on AppleInsider states that for 2010, 15.8 million Iphones were sold in the US. That is millions of people that wiill definitely not want to pay their ETF just to switch, especially like others have pointed out, when Apple will just release another version in the coming months. It is not that people are choosing AT&T over Verizon, for most the choice was made before Verizon even tried. Verizon simply offering the ability to choose is not enough. If they want to lure people AT&T they will have to make it worth it, and so far they have not.If there are any differences between the next version for each carrier that will only compound the issue.PS Go Android!
  • USA
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    WTF! Android sucks! hands down!
  • Rikroks
    Rikroks Posts: 1
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    AT&T has been great for the past 7 years I had it, from the RAZOR phones to the iPhones, plus the rollover mins and talk and surf to brag about. Verizon may have hotspot compatibility , but you can easily do the same thing with a JB iphone with no extra fees. My area provides me good service. I really can't find a reason to switch to any other network.
  • rh
    rh Posts: 13
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    Don't quit your day job.
  • Julian
    Julian Posts: 25
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    **** Verizon I am staying with AT&T....