Flutter: Send Picture Messages from your iPhone for Free

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imageFlutter: Send Picture Messages from your iPhone for Free

Some iPhone users were disappointed to find out that Apple's latest firmware update, iPhone Firmware 2.1 released on Friday, was only to fix bugs and performance improvements. They were hoping to see features like Copy and Paste, MMS etc that are still missing from iPhone's rich feature list. JuiceCaster brings...

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  • nudel
    nudel Posts: 3
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    Anyone heard of email?...

  • Wes (The Original One..)
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    This program is pretty sketchy..at best.

    It takes a couple of tries to get the activation code via sms,
    ou can only send the pictures to people in your phone book.

    You have to manually scroll through the phone book list; there is no Letter selection like in the regular phone book, and entries are sorted by last name.(you cant change that in this app)

    The MMS is actually a link that is sent to the person via sms. The link leads to the picture on Flutters server. WHen i did it, the image was distorted (Squished). Also, A lot of other mobile phones dont allow users to select the entire link that is inserted into a sms, so if the user you send the message to isnt an iphone user, its a %50 chance they can see the pic.

    1 out of 10 people have gotten the pics i have sent them..and when im not on Wifi, a lot of times it says CANNOT CONNECT TO SERVER, so you cant send the messages

    A lot of times the Choose photo box pops up repeatedly, even after you choose the photo. And it asks to add location info everytime..and a lot of times its very inaccurate (Im over 1000 miles away from SF, CA..why did it say i was there?!!!??!)

    That is just what I have experienced with this app.

  • Wes (The Original One..)
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    Forgot to add..After they get A LOT of the bugs worked out, this will be a great app, they just released it a little too soon. It will be good..eventually. Great concept, I'm glad someone is still working on this feature, I am very grateful that someone is writing this software, dont get me wrong...it was just release prematurely

  • phewop118
    phewop118 Posts: 5
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    I've been sending mms though email - for an AT&T customer, email a photo to ##########@mms.att.net. Replace ##'s with the recipients number. There's a site that lists the extensions for other service providers

  • J01001010
    J01001010 Posts: 1
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    Not that great of a feature...you could just email your pictures to someone and then text them to check there email....brilliant .

  • Nukie
    Nukie Posts: 28
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    I am surprised Apple has approved a program that has access to your address book. That is kind of frightening. I thought apps from the store had to operate in a "sandbox" and not access other things on your phone.

  • Nate
    Nate Posts: 58
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    Cool, please keep us posted on the improvements of this app. Thanks.

  • Bourne
    Bourne Posts: 60
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    This has been confirmed to suck ass by modmyi

  • RC
    RC Posts: 7
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    Until Flutter can provide the ability to receive pictures, email is still the way to go.

  • Vijay
    Vijay Posts: 9
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    should this have been done in a much better way...