Undocumented Features of iPhone Firmware 2.1

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imageUndocumented Features of iPhone Firmware 2.1

Apple released the much awaited iPhone firmware 2.1 on Friday to fix issues such as slow iPhone syncs, dropped calls, iPhone apps crashing issues, 3G reception issues, Apple Logo Screen of Death problem and the security flaw that was discovered by iPhone expert in iPhone firmware 2.0.2 as per the...

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  • Douceswild
    Douceswild Posts: 15
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    Maybe it's I missed this before 2.1, but I notice after the new update, my video podcast now shows the actuals video if I access them through the "Podcast" section on the phone which was dedicated to audio shows. Before, if I played a video podcast through the "Podcast" section instead of "Videos", then I would only get the audio.

    Also, when the video podcasts are played through the "Podcast" section, I'm able to view them with the phone in a vertical position. It doesn't automatically rotate to horizontal view unless I rotate the phone.

    Was this pre-2.1?

  • yup
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    That was in 2.0.2 - but it is relatively knew.

  • iphone owner
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    When u receive a txt and you dont read it, it will keep alert you every 5min. also if u were watching a podcast and you just turn the screen off, when the screen comes back up it will display the podcast album art.

  • Mike (Egypt)
    Mike (Egypt) Posts: 3
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    WTF i didnt know you can click the earphone mic button! cool feature but i feel retarded =D

  • Mike (Egypt)
    Mike (Egypt) Posts: 3
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    WTF i didnt know you can click the earphone mic button! cool feature but i feel retarded =D

  • calvin smith
    calvin smith Posts: 1
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    When apps are installed now they replace the old app on the original screen and original location

  • Lurch666
    Lurch666 Posts: 5
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    Don't know if this has been commented on before but I just found out that us UK users can now choose between a 12 and 24 hour clock.

  • Starda Vanyra
    Starda Vanyra Posts: 8
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    Now if they would just add a way to pause videos without having the controls plashed all over the frozen frame !

    And if they would find a way to make all apps able to flip in horizontal display - especially MAIL !!!

    Cut copy, Paste? How long must we wait for that?

  • Tj
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    I agree that ALL apps that display editable text fields should have the ability to be rotated horizontally, end that it should be an option that can be toggled. For instance, when I'm lying in my bed in the morning or at night, and I'm on my side, I want safari to stay vertical RELATIVE TO ME. I don't want to have to find that exact 37 degree angle that allows me to read it comfortably without it rotating.

    And yes, copy/paste, the feature to pwn all other features, is still missing. WTF. It is NOT that hard Apple! Simply update the firmware to have an editable cache that stores highlighted words and allow that cache to be accessed at any time through a certain command like, say, a three-point touch on the screen. That would bring up the highlight menu, and clicking and dragging would only select words/letters, and then allow triple touch to bring up the copy/paste menu in any text field.

    Sorta like the feature that let's us save images on the web. Y'know, the one that we didn't really need but you gave us anyways and we appreciated it but what we wanted was copy/paste and you haven't given us that yet? Yeah, Steve, I'm talking to YOU.

  • RD
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    Hi all!
    I was flipping through my contacts when I noticed that the instant message screen names field I enter into Mobile Me is not showing up in the contact information on my phone. I just recently updated to 2.1, but I could have sworn that this info showed up on the phone prior to that. Maybe I've lost my mind. I checked Mobile Me, and they are still there, just not on the phone.
    Can anyone that uses this field and Mobile Me confirm that this used to display on the phone in earlier versions? Does anyone know if this changed? Thank you!!! :-)

  • dave
    dave Posts: 389
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    hehe, only thing i noticed is my apps crash more often and itunes 8 will not sync my photos now! (iphone 3g - Vista 64) Cheers Apple! Just what i wanted from this update :)

  • Selim
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    I have noticed that when you are listenin music with your headphones you could click once to pause and click twice for the next song. But now you can click three times to go for the previous song :)