iPad 2 Launch In London Greeted With Very Long Lines

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imageiPad 2 Launch In London Greeted With Very Long Lines

There were long lines outside Apple stores when iPad 2 was launched in the US, especially outside Apple’s flagship Store on Fifth Avenue in New York City, but we’ve never seen a line as long as the one seen outside Apple’s Regent Street store in London for the iPad 2 launch yesterday.

Fortune reports that there were thousands in the queue for iPad 2.

Julian Alexander (AKA Tommo_UK) on Investor Village's AAPL Sanity board wrote:

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  • Sad Barsteward
    Sad Barsteward Posts: 1
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    Yeah Man, I wanted in the queue for like 3 days man. It was like totally awesome, met some great fanboys talking about star wars and star trek.Just my luck man, I waited like 3 days and the guy in front of me got the last ipad2 in stock. I was like totally gutted. If I hadn't of stopped to get me 1/4 pounder with cheese I could have got the last one and totally smashed it.Me gonna wait for the ipad three in it and me gonna bust that queue and buy me a tent and camp for like a week !!!!
  • M Rahman
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    Went to the Covent Garden store at 18:30, waited around 1h 45 mins and got a 32 GB wifi, the wait was though bit chili quite cheerful. All of us in the line were talking to each other even though none of us knew each other. And the apple store staff were jolly cheerful and chatty, there was free water. The people in the line were form every possible country, and creed. My first ever so queuing was quite a good experience.
  • steven
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    I've been in a similar line in Oxford street, London for the iPhone 4 launch. I was actually the last person to receive an iPhone 4 on that day!
  • Ronstyler
    Ronstyler Posts: 4
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    Why doesn't android Or google have it's own store??? Let's see how many people queue in for their latest tablet???
  • Fingers21
    Fingers21 Posts: 243
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    Peterborough, I waited 20 minutes in a line of about 30 people, and they had loads of stock left when they closed there doors. I got 32gb 3G in White. To be honest, don't understand the hype, very similar to iPad 1!
  • Jay
    Jay Posts: 295
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    I don't get this people got money in London...why are people so crazy there like saying no money in U.K no jobs. but people got $ for ipads and stuff lol
  • jim
    jim Posts: 128
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    nothing in comparison to iphone 4 queue...i was in that at this store..epic!
  • Diablozoe
    Diablozoe Posts: 76
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    **** APPLE!!! They guys in corporate are laughing there ass's off!!! Look at them Lemmings!!! What did people think they had 2 thousand iPads in stock? Dumb fucking apple could not even supply the USA!
  • Pacomac
    Pacomac Posts: 145
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    So why do many people upgrade their desktop PC every couple of years? There is even less of a difference with a PC! The reason is speed, and believe me the iPad 2 is substantially faster, which for us developers means better and more functional programs, something the general public is yet to see.
  • fas
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    Guys its not about Apple not being able to supply intentionally, you know the demand is higher than what they estimated.
  • Diablozoe
    Diablozoe Posts: 76
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    Right....this is the first product they have released!
  • Alin
    Alin Posts: 6
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    Because Android is not a company and Google doesn't produce hardware that they retail (as far as I know ;) )In my opinion, sitting like that in the cold for hours and hours is a little bit stupid, when you have the online purchase possibility. This is all about the hype created by Apple regarding their products. Don't get me wrong, I have an IPhone and I would like an IPad, but I wouldn't go that far
  • Dan
    Dan Posts: 348
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    Thanks for the video. That was fun to watch. In the past I have also been the last buyer at 2:30am to get the last iPhone in store.
  • iPad 2
    iPad 2 Posts: 1
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    Went to Three Store on Oxford street, put my name on the list a day before and had the iPad 2 3G 64GB at 5:15pm as soon as I arrived without waiting in any line.It seems like going to anywhere but the Apple store gave you a much higher chance of getting one.
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