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    AT&T’s CEO Says T-Mobile Deal Will Help In Improving Service For iPhone Customers



    • SickOfTheGameSickOfTheGame Posts: 4
      via Wordpress
      Welcome to the United States of Corporate America. No corporation actually gives a sh!t about the consumer; a corporation's only responsibility is to show an improved return on shareholder investment. The only group they answer to and care about is their group of shareholders. Corporations don't care what is good for the consumer, they care about profits.
    • 2008 CRNA2008 CRNA Posts: 2
      via Wordpress
      Here is food for thought. With the two main carriers, AT&T and Verizon, they have often duplicated pricing plans despite being "competitors". Although you may price match individual parts (i.e. text messages as a separate unlimited fee with AT&T or built into the premium plan with Verizon)the net cost comes to the same. Essentially, it is a legal form of price fixing since there is not real competition there. Now Sprint has been struggling for the past few years and with their CDMA technology, does this mean Verizon could buy them out in the future and "boost network capacity and improve service for devices such as iPhone" (quoted from article above). Two big companies dominating the cell phone market means a huge loss for us as consumers.
    • 2008 CRNA2008 CRNA Posts: 2
      via Wordpress here for a recent Sprint analysis in February. They may have gained some subscribers but they are still hemorrhaging money. Makes me wonder if the $99 everything included plans are going to have to be revised.
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