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    iPhone 5 Unlikely To Support 4G LTE Network

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageiPhone 5 Unlikely To Support 4G LTE Network

    It is widely speculated that Apple will delay the launch of iPhone 5 to fall this year instead of unveiling it at WorldWide Developer Conference 2011.

    Some industry experts felt that this could give Apple enough time to add support for 4G LTE networks. But it seems unlikely based on the comments made by Apple’s Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook during the quarterly earning call on Wednesday.

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    • businesssuitbusinesssuit Posts: 5
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      They really should hold off releasing iphone 5 until next year so it can support LTE.Who wants to be locked into a contract and can't upgrade for a couple of years:(
    • JOTOJOTO Posts: 1
      via Wordpress
      NOT EVEN CLOSE to a deal breaker. I have been preaching this to all these 4G fanatics for a while now. Why would you possibily need 4G speed on a phone? I retract my previous commment just a little. Facetime over 4G would be nice. It's still not a deal breaker for me because it's not needed just yet. Phones are out dated daily and for a phone to include a new technology that isn't useful yet is throwing money away for the consumer and company. It would be like 60 inch HD tv's coming out before a video standard that can push the tv to it's capabilties. I understand apples stance and i'm glad they haven't included 4G even though it's available. Think of it this way. What can a 4G droid do that a 3G iphone 4 can't? Sorry for the rant, I guess it hit a nerve.
    • fasfas Posts: 2,297
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      NO one really cares anymore as Apple is no more first with many things.
    • KiwiholdenKiwiholden Posts: 189
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      Think out side your box (USA) people why make a 4G iPhone when most of the world are still far off being 4G ready! Australia won't be ready till after 2013 when the switch to digital TV is done.And there is alot of less advanced markets that would be even further off.Unless they make a 4G/3G USA model and a 3G only model for the countries that don't hav 4G
    • PacomacPacomac Posts: 145
      via Wordpress
      In the UK we are restricted to 500MB or data on most networks. At 20MB/s we would use our monthly bandwidth allowance in 20-30mins. People want these things without thinking about consequences. Until we have unrestricted unlimited internet 3G is plenty good enough.
    • eddie-aeddie-a Posts: 62
      via Wordpress
      what more can apple offer outside of 4G? the bigger screen is nice, but not a deal maker for me.. the faster A5 chip is nice, but the iPhone4 is fast as it is. Looking at the supposed specs of the new iPhone5, they're trying to make it slimmer when in reality, they should be filling that space with a thicker battery that can last forever.. that would be a deal maker for me. I don't want my phone smaller or thinner, it's good as it is.
    • ZaruZaru Posts: 0
      via Wordpress
      If Apple's competitors are adapting to 4g compatiblity, then Apple will most likely adapt to 4g compatiblity
    • via Wordpress
      Do you have any idea what speed means vs bandwidth caps? Just because you have speed doesn't mean you are downloading that much data... Learn a little before you post.
    • ShalashaskaShalashaska Posts: 55
      via Wordpress
      I still dont get 4G..i mean what do u need it for anyway...u cannot download anything from the appstore unless ure hooked on Wi-fi..where i live...i get a 5gb package and my download speeds reach 400kb/s which is pretty decent for a phone..noone in the world has 4g for now and the way i understand it is...there are very limited areas in the states as well...if you want bragging rights there are many phones which do many things better than the iphone...atleast on paper...
    • HackerHacker Posts: 95
      via Wordpress
      2g 14 hours of talk 3g 7 hours of talk so this means your battery is going to drain faster now 3g is good enough for me works on Pandora and netflix and if there a problem pause it for a 1 min and then press play so it buffer and whats wrong with WiFi you can even steal WiFi
    • StanStan Posts: 192
      via Wordpress
      Come on, other countries still have not offered 4G network. So, maybe when most countries have 4G network, then Apple will start coming up with 4G iPhones!
    • Bradley KellyBradley Kelly Posts: 26
      via Wordpress
      I'll still buy an iPhone 5 because the 3DS is so slow so I really want to the iPhone because of the A5 chip.
    • Brains530Brains530 Posts: 17
      via Wordpress
      If you don't want to be stuck in a contract don't upgrade until it comes out. Technology evolves so fast that it doesn't matter, the next years model is going to be better than what you have. Simple
    • ValVal Posts: 60
      via Wordpress
      Streaming? Video streaming would be great reason for it. Also, it would alleviate congestion; with some on 3G and some on 4G, it would have less congestion on both.Anything that adds variety, I'm all for. Less people using the same thing means less bandwidth that has to be shared.
    • After SevenAfter Seven Posts: 1
      via Wordpress
      I have had the iphone 4 since August and its a great phone/computer/tv! BUT I just got HTC Thunderbolt on the Verizon 4G Lte Network and it gets 25mb/ download everywhere I go. Goodbye I can cancel my internet landline at home and for my small business! I just hook my phone to my computer and I'm off to the races. Unlimited data plans will not be available for long. In any rocks!
    • HackerHacker Posts: 95
      via Wordpress
      i think this blog is being attack by Android lovers but yes after 7 nice phone to bad you lack of so many things but im sure your happy either way but some people might not go cuz some need netflix some cant live without certain apps and aren't available for Android as of yet and others need **** which is easier to install apps for free and some are addicted to apple tv and airplay some love the cydia store with all tweaks and apps and the list goes on when android is ready for prime time then more will move over but till then we will enjoy the iphone until android is at par with all of the stuff i have mention and speaking of other phones go windows 7 phone lol i hope mango update help developers with theses new tools and i cant wait to see api apps transfer over to windows 7 so in other words cant wait to have apple apps on my windows phone 7 i just hope Microsoft can pull it off here what im talking about and yes windows 7 is partners with netflix
    • TerenceTerence Posts: 6
      via Wordpress
      I get 13mb down and 3up on my Verizon Charge. I can run all the apps at the market. I dont know why anyone would buy a 3g mobile phone today. Thats like buying a cd player. Yea it works and the picture looks good but the Blueray is only $30 bucks more....??? Why
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