iPhone 3G Users Still Reporting Reception Issues After Upgrading to Firmware 2.1

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imageiPhone 3G Users Still Reporting Reception Issues After Upgrading to Firmware 2.1

As I have mentioned earlier, the overall feedback from iPhone users about iPhone firmware 2.1 that was released by Apple last Friday has been very positive. It seemed to have fixed most of the known problems with iPhone firmware 2.x.x such as dropped calls, slow iPhone syncs, iPhone apps crashing...

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  • TF
    TF Posts: 3
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    Still got the 3G reception issue here in the UK. So I doubt it's just AT&T!

  • Mathieu Venne
    Mathieu Venne Posts: 1
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    nothing bad here in canada on rogers... was good with 2.0 and still good with 2.1

  • W. Poverstein
    W. Poverstein Posts: 1
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    Still huge problem with e-mail push and fetch which has not been acknowledged by apple..see apple support discussions.

  • Bourne
    Bourne Posts: 60
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    I always have 5 bars but I just did the reception test and im at -85...this sucks but it doesn't really affect me cuz im not having problems, and never had a dropped call.

  • Bourne
    Bourne Posts: 60
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    I always have 5 bars but I just did the reception test and im at -85...this sucks but it doesn't really affect me cuz im not having problems, and never had a dropped call.

  • blackforce
    blackforce Posts: 0
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    A post on the Apple forums with 66 replies in it and people think issue is wide spread. Do you know how many 3G iphones have been sold?

  • Neuromods
    Neuromods Posts: 6
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    Here in Japan it's the same. I still get dropped calls and a bad signal using 2.1 What sucks more is, my phone will say I have a new email, I go to check and it says connecting but won't download it right away. Instead I must close it, and wait a few minutes then reopen and it shows.

  • Svdbugoyboy
    Svdbugoyboy Posts: 1
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    Here in the Philippines it is the same. I have more bars and sometimes it will display the 3G logo, but then switches to Edge. I have not had any drop calls though.

  • brian
    brian Posts: 218
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    I have seen nice improvements with the new software, but the dropping calls are making me mad. After upgrading to the new firmware the phone is faster but even though i get full bars on signal it still drops calls. I just tested the signal strength, with full bars it tests at -90db.

  • Tj
    Tj Posts: 102
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    You know what? Methinks the area in which these people live just happens to have crap reception for 3G signals. Have they tried going somewhere that gives other people good reception? Somehow that magically makes all my reception issues go away too!

    Christ people, stop complaining about the software when it's clearly AT&T's fault you don't get service.

  • potter
    potter Posts: 1
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    I live in las vegas and i get great reception. While im at home i have wifi so i don't really care if i have 3g or edge. If i really want to be picky and have full bars at home i can just switch to edge network and get a better signal. All around the city i get 3g no problem no issues with dropped calls and im always riding listening to pandora radio. I love my 3g iphone ^_^ !!!

  • darwin
    darwin Posts: 10
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    Before I updated to 2.1 I used to get 3G in my house all the time, now after upgrading to 2.1 in my house I only get Edge. I called Apple support and they made me reset the sim card and when I turn on the phone I got 3G signal,but wait, as soon as I hung up the phone it switched back to Edge, the I called again and they told me to go to a AT&T store and get a new sim card.

    Is not that I have no 3G coverage on my house, you guys can check it buy putting my zip code 10312 and you'll see that I am in a area that has 3G

  • Dan S
    Dan S Posts: 4
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    I'm not seeing any reception change in 2.1 (I had good to begin with) just higher signal bar numbers.. I am noticing however, that when syncing large amounts (or just big apps) of apps, it causes the UI to hang, which in turn causes the watchdog to kill the springboard... after 5 times of that, the phone gets rebooted... 2.0.2 didn't do that.

  • nicolasl46
    nicolasl46 Posts: 25
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    when i'm only sitting in front of my computer at home, the phone goes from having full 3G to full EDGE, why does it do that? and nobody really knows if it is AT&T, nor Apple, doesn't anybody have a different 3G phone or know somebody, like to test both phones togheter? i wish i could, but the people i know have iphone 3G, and if they have a different phone its not even 3G

  • Helen
    Helen Posts: 6
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    I use my iPhone in Manhattan most of the time and I have full 3G now and had it before the 2.1 upgrade. At least 25 percent of my calls dropped before and they still do. I love the phone but AT&T service is crap.

  • dennis
    dennis Posts: 89
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    I updated to 2.1 and still have NO BARS inside my house. I live in an area that has a strong 3G signal (Toledo, OH) but it's no good inside my house. I've been with Verizon and Sprint and they both have worked just fine in my house. I contact AT&T and they tell me to call Apple because it's their problem. I call Apple and they tell me they don't know anything about a signal/dropped calls issue and that I should call AT&T because it's their problem. I wish I knew what to do.

  • El Mejor
    El Mejor Posts: 7
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    After update to 2.1 and pwnage,installer crash allways,please somebody help me whith this problem

  • BooKahKee
    BooKahKee Posts: 5
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    Since the upgrade to 2.1, the amount of bars I have is higher and the phones in 3G mode for the most part. I still get dropped calls like crazy. I tested the db's using the field survey trick and I'm getting a shitty -97. How is it that I have full bars yet such a crappy signal? I think Apples "improved accuracy of the 3G signal strength display" is a placebo until they figure out how to fix the problem. I've also test my old RAZR(3G model) and it has no trouble in my area at all. So how can it not be a hardware issue? I really wish I didn't trade up for the 3G model. I never had these issues with the original iPhone. Shenanigans I tell you!

  • gunnar
    gunnar Posts: 2
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    same story with 2.1. it shows more bars, but i still have about 1/2 of my calls dropped, mostly with full bars. how ridiculous of me to expect my iphone to actually be able to make phone calls.

  • al
    al Posts: 64
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    I purchased my iPhone 3g last friday. Got home, plugged it into iTunes, updated to 2.1, and the phone would go from 3g to Edge. In Los Angeles, the past week, dropped calls left and right. Bluetooth sound was horrible. I never had any of these "issues" with my Blackberry.

    Today, another trip to the ATT store, getting a refund, going back to my Blackberry Curve, and will upgrade to the BOLD once RIM resolves all the "teething" pains.

    Apple makes a good product, too bad the 3g iPhone is not "up to Apple standards"...or is this considered the new apple standard???

    P.S. Just like El Mejor, I get the same -97 on mine.

  • colin
    colin Posts: 28
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    There's no firmware Apple can write that will make AT&T less of a failure. They are the deadspot king of the wireless industry, especially in big cities.

    Remember, the reason they got the iPhone is because they were the only ones who were desperate enough to accept Apple's demands. They were desperate because they sucked and nobody wanted to use them.

    I've got 4 bars in front of my office. 20 feet from the window anywhere in the front of the building, I have zip. In back of the building, I've got 5 bars. Verizon has a 4 bar 3G signal in all spots, inside and outside. My building's in a dead spot. There's another one a few blocks south.

    AT&T = Fail. Too bad for me that I'm addicted to the iPhone.

  • Scott G.
    Scott G. Posts: 0
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    I had two Iphone 3Gs. When I lived in the medical district of Houston, the 3G reception indoors and outdoors was amazing.

    When I moved to Orange County, California.. The reception was so bad I returned the phone. After the new update I got it again, and the reception is still just as bad for the most part.

    Oh well. Phones worth it still for me, but sure wish it got good reception indoors.

  • jacob ray
    jacob ray Posts: 1
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    i have a 1st Gen iPhone and i just upgraded from 1.1.4 (unlocked & jailbroke) to firmware version 2.1 (unlocked & jailbroke with QuickPwn for t-mobile) and my WIFI hardly works now!!!! it picked up a ton of networks before! now it barely picks up networks just next door!!! APPLE SUCKS!!!
    no wonder my girlfriend returned her new 3G. it simply sucked and has too many bugs.


  • Jeff
    Jeff Posts: 126
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    My old Nokia works fine on AT&T in L.A., and has for years. Wife's new iphone 3g drops calls like mad, before and after 2.1.