Apple Patents Reveal Global App Settings & Improvements to iPhone's Notification Dialog

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imageApple Patents Reveal Global App Settings & Improvements to iPhone's Notification Dialog

Apple Insider has revealed couple of patents filed by Apple which could bring further improvements to iPhone's user interface. The first filing appears to be a feature which will allow immediate access to global application settings and the second filing could bring improvements to iPhone's notification dialog that informs users...

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  • Qonneqtion
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    Looks like Apple took a page from "Intelliscreen" wonder they didn't allow them to sell it in the App Store! Big Brother Apple wins again.

  • Priyanka
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  • Tj
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    Well folks, this certainly seems like a great idea. Universal settings changes means Apple will probably force Apps to update and share a particular cache for data (and thus settings), which would also open it up for (get ready) COPY AND PASTE!!!!

    Think about it. Rather than have the OS waste processing power and therefore use extra battery life, make all Apps draw settings from one location which can be edited by global settings! If they all draw this data from one location, that means the user could place any data in that location and it would be read and acknowleged by the Apps. Thus: Copy/Paste.

    Simple, really. The only issue I have with this idea is that it still allows Apple to use Push Notification, which will be useful, but not for all apps. I at least want the option to drain my own damn battery thanks!

    As per the reference to Intelliscreen... well frankly this is not even close to Intelliscreen. Apple didn't like Intelliscreen because it ran as a background process, and basically hijacked the lock screen. Since that goes against developers guidelines Apple couldn't allow it to be sold. Plus, the app can't be made witht he dev kit's limited tools anyways so it doesn't matter if it wasn't against the rules, it couldn't be done.