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    iOS 5 Brings Improvements To Weather App

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageiOS 5 Brings Improvements To Weather App

    Apple has finally made some improvements to the Weather app – one of the pre-installed apps on the iPhone and iPod Touch.

    Here is the list of the improvements:

    * You can now access weather information from any application with a single swipe as the weather widget is integrated into the iOS 5 Notification Center.

    Read the full story here


    • fasfas Posts: 2,297
      via Wordpress
      Still on Yahoo but much better.
    • Kevin ClarkKevin Clark Posts: 1
      via Wordpress
      Why is the screenshot of the Notification Center without linen? It looks great!
    • ZolkZolk Posts: 184
      via Wordpress
      Is that a new charge icon? This(weather) is better, but not that great and long overdue.Coincidentally, I fired up my iphone 3gs weather app the other day - for the first time in about 15 months, I think!The way it is, it's just not useful if your homescreen is full of other apps you use more commonly. (I'd rather just open Safari to my favourite weather page.) It's just a pretty curiosity from the beginnings of the iphone days.
    • djman10djman10 Posts: 94
      via Wordpress
      I for one would not miss the weather app if it went missing. But nice little improvement for those would use it.
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