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    iOS 5 Beta 2 Brings Native-Style Momentum Scrolling To Web Apps

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageiOS 5 Beta 2 Brings Native-Style Momentum Scrolling To Web Apps

    With every major new release of iOS Apple keeps adding new functionality to Mobile Safari. Safari Reader, Reading List, find text on the web page, the Nitro JavaScript engine to improve performance were all added to mobile Safari in previous releases of iOS.

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    • AbelAbel Posts: 183
      via Wordpress
      Am I the only one that hates web apps? Just don't have ANY need/desire for them.
    • ChrisChris Posts: 736
      via Wordpress
      true kinda point less when there is no limit (except what apple puts on) to a app. why wast e time with a web app
    • GeOGeO Posts: 24
      via Wordpress
      Who cares about web apps. Hows the new beta? Less bugs or anything?
    • Dr PuttinghamDr Puttingham Posts: 15
      via Wordpress
      New beta much better than beta 1. BT stack in beta 1 sucked, in my 2009 Camry it'd ring at least 5 times after I hit the answer button on the steering wheel, now is instant. Activesync with my SBS 2008 really sucked with beta 1, caused messages to duplicate and took over a minute to send, now back to normal.So far, is nice for me.Regards,Steven
    • ChrisChris Posts: 736
      via Wordpress
      ok you hate web apps.what if apple doesn't aprove an app because it uses a cc gateway or similar.and you guys never browse a mobile enabled web page?? because thats completely different. oh and lets forget about all of the OTHER smart phones out there.
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