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    Analyst: Apple May Release An Unlocked iPhone 4S For $349 For Prepaid Markets Along With iPhone 5 In

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageAnalyst: Apple May Release An Unlocked iPhone 4S For $349 For Prepaid Markets Along With iPhone 5 In September

    We’ve heard conflicting reports about next generation iPhone’s form factor so far. According to some reports, next generation iPhone will be completely redesigned and will look more like iPod Touch 4G rather than iPhone 4. While, some reports claim that fifth generation iPhone will come with improved specifications such as faster processor, 8-megapixel camera etc., but won’t feature an all-new design and will look like iPhone 4.

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    • jaijai Posts: 23
      via Wordpress
      whatever it is, just cant wait for the next iphone..
    • ybtybt Posts: 102
      via Wordpress
      I think that's a good idea. hope they actually do that.
    • LzrdKng74LzrdKng74 Posts: 13
      via Wordpress
      If I can get it on BoostMobile's Shrinkage (lol) plan then I'm in!
    • RichardRichard Posts: 141
      via Wordpress
      I don't know why Apple doesn't seem to realize that with an unlocked phone, almost everyone would want an iPhone. Let the customer decide which carrier to use, what plan to buy, it all generates more revenue for Apple. Give us a choice!
    • k.dubbk.dubb Posts: 12
      via Wordpress
      not gonna happen..not anytime soon
    • ZolkZolk Posts: 184
      via Wordpress
      In Australia, Telco's are now unlocking their iphones for free. Not by default, you have to go an ask, but they're not charging for it anymore (though you still have to pay out your contract). I was quite surprised when one Telco (Telstra) told me it was Apple that demanded that carrier-provided iphones be locked. I think they wanted to be the sole Austrlian seller of unlocked iphones (which they do here at Apple Stores).
    • DJ NivekDJ Nivek Posts: 11
      via Wordpress
      well f my mother in the a$$ and be my step dad this is AMAZING
    • fasfas Posts: 2,297
      via Wordpress
      not happening. Apple will not canabalise ipod touch and ipad ales.
    • GrCyPunisherGrCyPunisher Posts: 0
      via Wordpress
      hell yea! if they broutgh to us an iphone 4S and it will be ONLY $349 i will sure by it!
    • via Wordpress
      In Australia its against trade practices to lock a consumer's phone and not unlocking it when requested. Telstra has paid big fines to do the bidding out Apple and Google.Cellco's should just sell the phones as is this way the devices will work properly on their networks.For me I use a DATA only Unlocked iPhone with the MobeVoice app and a local Australian DID.and it works great. I use Vodafone/3 as the carrier. If anyone want to ck it out search for "mobeevoice" in and app store. you can get a FREE trial account.
    • KentKent Posts: 6
      via Wordpress
      Like tthe look.much more interesting look..
    • BrookBrook Posts: 0
      via Wordpress
      I think making the current Iphone 4s available at 350$ to places like virgin and metro pcs and other prepaid carries like that would be a great idea not only for the customers who wont do post paid but also for apples chance to get into another market. I wouldn't want less of a phone just to have an Iphone when you can get a really nice phone for about 300 on prepaid. I currently have a Samsung galaxy s 4g on T mobile prepaid that I paid 300 for with a 50$ unlimited prepaid plan, the same phone they offered post paid customers. I wouldn't have gotten that phone if I had to have less of a phone then post paid just because I choose prepaid or had to pay almost 700$ for it. Prepaid customers already deal with issues with service we shouldn't have to have low end phones too if we are willing to pay for a better phone just because we don't want to sign two years of our lives away. I think offering the 4s and 5 to post paid and the 4s and under to prepaid would be a great way for apple to get into this market and still have a phone that is only available to post paid customers.One thing apple and others need to understand is not all people choose prepaid because they cant afford post paid (and its silly to me to go with post paid if you can get a significantly cheaper prepaid plan unlimited with the same kinds of phones). Some need these kinds of phones for their jobs but move around a lot and need to be able to stop service if necessary. For me I moved in the middle of my two year contract with att and got NO service where I lived and the area around it thus making my phone a pretty and expensive paper weight. This happened to be the phone I use for my business which is pretty hard to do when no one can call or text you. They wouldn't let me out of my contract and having to pay a breakage fee made me decide that I would never sign a contract with another phone service just so I could have a great phone. If they don't offer it on prepaid I just don't get to have it no matter how much I want one or not. You never know whats going to happen to you in two years I didn't know we were going to decide to buy a new house and move when I signed this contract or that the phone wouldn't work when we moved.
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