Air Sharing Turns your iPhone Into a Wireless Portable Drive; View Documents On-The-Go

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imageAir Sharing Turns your iPhone Into a Wireless Portable Drive; View Documents On-The-Go

With 8GB or more storage on the iPhone, it seems logical to use it as a portable drive. Though iTunes offers an elegant way to sync music and other media content; it does not allow iPhone users to sync other types of files such as Word documents, Excel worksheet, PowerPoint...

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  • Phewop
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    I got this program while it was still free, but had I not, I'd pay for it, cause it really provides great utility

  • Josh
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    I got this prog when it was free also, and I use it CONSTANTLY to read the numerous PDFs I've dropped on my iPhone. You can view in portrait or landscape mode with ease...and it even remembers where u were when u closed the app so you dont have to scroll through the pages again.

    GREAT program!

  • ImperialOne
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    Is there is restriction in the size of a pdf it can read/open. I have problems with a pdf 81mb in size (no other problems up to 30mb). This large document crashes the program which then either puts the phone back to the first home screen OR ir resets the phone altogether and I get to see the silvery-white apple logo.

    Any recommendations. This never happened on a Windows Mobile phone.

  • iphone-8gb
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    Sometime, it's working, but Error occurs very frequently when I'm using this app.

  • Brendan Dergan
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    The iPhone has some issues with PDFs that contain high-resolution embedded images. This limit affects Air Sharing as well as DataCase and all of the other document viewer apps.

  • Electronic white board
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    yeah thanks brenden for sharing your experience about iphones althought i like it .

  • can i run a data recovery tool against the iphone drive that is mapped with this app? with touchdrive-i can see the iphone as a drive in Windows Explorer but i still cant see it as a drive i can scan in the data recovery tool eg. stellar or recuva.
    i'm trying to recover some files that were deleted when i did a restore of a my profile from the old phone.
    Apppreciate any help!!!