iPhone Dev Team Make Significant Progress in Unlocking iPhone 3G

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imageiPhone Dev Team Make Significant Progress in Unlocking iPhone 3G

The iPhone Dev Team have been successful in jailbreaking and unlocking the 1st generation iPhone and jailbreaking iPhone 3G. However, they still have couple of challenges, the first one is the much awaited software method to unlock iPhone 3G and the more recent one is to jailbreak the 2nd generation...

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  • angel
    angel Posts: 81
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    very cool. will this work with the pre-pain sim cards in europe because when i go on vacation i want to be able to use my iPhone!

    also, just as an afterthought, does anyone know how to mark e-mails as spam through the iPhone?

  • tim davila
    tim davila Posts: 1
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    just register at mail app your email login data... and you will be able to fletch or push data on your iphone when new emails arrive at you inbox.. so at the little icon down there at the app interface. with a mail and a arrow, after click this icon you click Edit now you can choose the messages that will go to spam box or to trash or anywhere a label exists...or go to any labels of your email account.

  • Robert
    Robert Posts: 146
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    I tried to unlock my pwnage 2.2 but it I get an error message, and now I have a brick, i tried to unlock with 2.1, but it won't work, can someone help me? thank you.