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    iPhone N94 Prototype Back Cover Leaked - iPhone 5 Or iPhone 4S?

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageiPhone N94 Prototype Back Cover Leaked - iPhone 5 Or iPhone 4S?

    Folks at have published photos, which they claim are images of the back cover of an iPhone N94 prototype. The part is also labeled "EVT 2" (Engineering Verification Testing) and is dated June 7, 2011.

    Read the full story here


    • fasfas Posts: 2,297
      via Wordpress
      That cant be a new version of the iPhone.
    • joeljoel Posts: 26
      via Wordpress
      Seeing as the back cover looks like an iPhone 4 back cover you would have thought it would be from what's going to be the iPhone 4S. For example look at the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 3GS, the same design but the 3GS had a few extras.....In response to would you upgrade to an iPhone 5 if it was very similar to the iPhone 4, I think the answer for a lot of people would be yes but who wants an iPhone 4 when they can have an iPhone 5?
    • iPhoneHacksiPhoneHacks Posts: 2,315
      via Wordpress
      When we say largely similar to iPhone 4, we actually mean in terms of the look, though it would feature a faster A5 processor, improved 8 megapixel camera etc.We've also updated the post appropriately.
    • rrivera117rrivera117 Posts: 0
      via Wordpress
      I think I would be a little upset if the iPhone 5 just turned out to be a iPhone 4s. I'm not saying I wouldn't purchase it but it sure would be nice to have a slighty different design with a bigger screen....
    • Fingers21Fingers21 Posts: 243
      via Wordpress
      I'll be over the moon if iPhone 5 looks the same as iPhone 4! To me, it's design perfection! Love the flat back!
    • Bgmik1313Bgmik1313 Posts: 1
      via Wordpress
      I would not buy it if it was just a revved up iphone 4. I would like to see a larger screen and a faster processor.
    • via Wordpress
      I think there is supposed to be an iPhone 4S (or new cheaper iPhone) and "hopefully" an iPhone 5 (4G) as the new premium iPhone. Lots of questions...hopefully they didn't leave out 4G.
    • kiddowiddokiddowiddo Posts: 36
      via Wordpress
      Its not going to have 4G mate, because in many countries(like mine in the UK) 4g isn't yet supported on the network, and Apple don't tend to release products which don't work in most countries because they will want to make the most money possible
    • moemoe Posts: 158
      via Wordpress
      if it looks anything alike to the iphone 4 design its worthless to me.
    • AmsterpelliAmsterpelli Posts: 28
      via Wordpress
      Gotta love politics .. it would be disappointing to have waited this long only to receive a few minor upgrades to the camera and chip .. verizon got a late start on the iPhone 4 though, so I bet the hold-up is them wanting to maximize profits on the cdma model
    • curt dubyacurt dubya Posts: 2
      via Wordpress
      I want the rumored teardrop design. because if its the same design as the 4, i may as well keep my 3gs, cuz I'll break the mother fucker in a heartbeat. Glass is not our friend
    • via Wordpress
      I really hope they won't name it iPhone 4S. Like seriously, iPhone for S? lol
    • GreatWarriorGreatWarrior Posts: 2
      via Wordpress
      good one mate...... lol...... !!!!
    • JayRollzJayRollz Posts: 4
      via Wordpress
      I wish Apple would just give us a little more info. I mean if I was in the market for a new phone I would wait for the next iphone if they gave me a time, instead I would just buy the next best thing like my Atrix. My wife wants the new iPhone but shes not going to wait without knowing when or what they are going to do.
    • Yo-daddy67Yo-daddy67 Posts: 4
      via Wordpress
      I know right? iPhone 4 S, and the "S" stands for "Sucker"
    • DROIDDROID Posts: 5
      via Wordpress
      Apple has been thoroughly OWNED by Google this year!#1. Google saw what was going on in a concerted effort to bid to INFINITY and Beyond for Nortel Patents. And bid "Pie" and the distance to the Moon for them, so they would end up paying 4x what they were worth! haha... #2. While coincidentally already working on a deal to buy Motorola w/ better patents anyway and $25 Billion in Total Net Assets thrown in for fun and profit. Moto Set Top Box Division alone is worth 12.5 Billion to Google! lol... #3. CrApple is now selling 3GS $25 & Free on some Carriers. iPhone 4 $150 while stating all their iPhone sales as one model.... it's NOT! When iP5 and iP4s arrives they'll have 4 different models looking exactly the others w/ the same features iOS. But still won't even come close to the over 50% Market sales Android holds now! ....w/ over 4 to 1 Sales rate iPhone has become a bargain basement wantabee phone that can't make calls unless Steve says you can and you hold it right! /s
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