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    iPhone 5 Or iPhone 4S Front Panel Also Gets Leaked?

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageiPhone 5 Or iPhone 4S Front Panel Also Gets Leaked?

    Last week, published photos, which they claim are images of the back cover of an iPhone N94 prototype. The part was labeled “EVT 2″ (Engineering Verification Testing) and dated June 7, 2011.

    They've now posted photos of iPhone N94 prototype front panel. The part is labeled “EVT 1″ (Engineering Verification Testing) and is dated March 3rd, 2011.

    Read the full story here


    • DJ NivekDJ Nivek Posts: 11
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    • EasyEEasyE Posts: 6
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    • mkimidmkimid Posts: 227
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      To make a cheaper model, they do not need to re-design the front side. they just change the back pannel, and change logic board. that's all. And, I do not know why people want edge-to-edge screen ? it is very unstable mechcanically. Because glass of LCD is very thin, it should be projected using some spacer between edge to protect from the horizontal impact. and, they need to fix the display with frame(or body), they need to preapre some kind of lock structure. and, it can not be under the LCD side. because it will be a veritical impact point.Nobody try to extend the screen to the edge (do not think the relative ratio between screen and frame edge from your computer or TV screen).If Apple want to use around 1-2mm on edge, they need to increase the thickness of glass. it will increase the thickness of device, and weight.anyway, we should expect somthing reasonable change.
    • RounakRounak Posts: 269
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      The pics are shiny!
    • KattmanKattman Posts: 0
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      Hey if it aint broke dont fix it! Iphone 4 is a great design just needs a strong back!
    • MicroMicro Posts: 39
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      I would actually dont mind the change at all but still thinks that the iphone 4 is the best designe ever made for a mobile phone EVER !!!
    • AdamsMoonAdamsMoon Posts: 23
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    • clrj14clrj14 Posts: 17
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      Let Apple do the designing. I'm sure it will be fine :)
    • ChristianChristian Posts: 102
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    • fasfas Posts: 2,297
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      That is for the cheaper 8GB iPhone 4.
    • TrappTrapp Posts: 109
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      Omg You dumb idiots - who told You it's going to be cheaper? It may be a replacement of iPhone 4 but who says it will be cheaper?!
    • ZangZang Posts: 153
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      Not to sound bad, but this looks EXACTLY like the replacement screen for iPhone 4. I can't see a difference tbh..Even the touchscreen and LCD cables are in the EXACT same place, same with bezel slots etc etc.I claim fake. Either that, or apple is using the same design placement for the logic board, and also same design screen, bezel, LCD etc...Honestly... Have any editors on this site ever repaired a device? If so they should see the exact resemblance almost immediately...Unless it really WILL be a 4S, this isn't the screen... I'm sorry... the screen designs change drastically with 2g -> 3g(3GS is essentially same just different connections.) -> 4g.So logic dictates a 5g device would have changes as well, not the exact same...
    • jojo Posts: 35
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      Since when has anyone cared about what the 8GB model is going to look like, I mean they release one every year with a bit of improvement but last year all the news was just about the iPhone 4 and no news at all saying, is apple going to release a cheaper 8GB iPhone? Since when was the iPhone 4 new news I mean it is over a year old, but it is always " Leaked iPhone 4S part" and is exactly the same as the 4. We need iPhone 5 News not this 1 year old news that I am surprised anybody cares about. :P
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