Samsung Claims Apple Has Been 'Free Riding' On Its Patents

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imageSamsung Claims Apple Has Been 'Free Riding' On Its Patents

Just a few days ago, Samsung execs anonymously revealed that the company planned to get the iPhone 5 and all other iOS devices banned in Korea. Today, in an interview with the Associated Press a Samsung exec has come on record and spoken about their newly adopted approach to tackle Apple's lawsuits by, well, filing more lawsuits. Samsung claims that they have a number of essential patents in the field of wireless communications on which Apple has been "free riding".

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  • Chris c
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    Lets see, how will it end...hhhmmmm. Apple make only a few products using many samsung components. Samsung make many many products using NO apple components. Samsung are the world leaders in circuit components. Apple make software. I think apple should bite the bullett and start to beg samsung for forgiveness. Apple cant have everything their own way. Considering the previous iphone models have been reliable, BECAUSE OF SAMSUNG components, apple are trusting anpther company to do just as well. RISKY.
  • Peter
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    Totally agree there, Apple stands to lose a lot of customers if newly sort components for upcoming products start failing. And if they still are manufacturing the current models, will the different components behave the same way when all put together.
  • President Kush
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    reminds me of 2 kids on the playground who can't get along, haha. There should be limits to what you can patent too. The shape... really? maybe its because all smartphones/tabs are more or less a basic rectangul. its the only logical design. what are they supposed to do offer a circular or triangular screen/device? That is no where near unique or revolutionary enough to warrant a patent.
  • Rounak
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    That indeed is an issue of great concern. Perhaps that is why Apple has already told Taiwan Semiconductors to start test production of the A6 chip. At least initially Apple, would face a few hiccups in terms of manufacturing flow of these components, directly affecting how many devices Foxconn churns out per day.
  • A Black Dude
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    its gonna end with apple not giving a ****.
  • WritingForProfit
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    It's called trade dress. Google it.
  • Michael
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    My opinion,.....who cares besides the capitalists? So the devices look alike. There's a lot of things that look alike. Cars, tv's, houses and even people. It's on the inside that makes the difference. It's only the plastic people that worry about what the cover looks like. Bring on the competition. If two or three things look alike, well, let's see which one sells better. We have more important things to worry about than who's device looks like who's and who stole what. Getting bad when one company is trying to keep their opponents product out of a country. Better watch it Samsung. You're alive because of us, not Apple. Consumers are the key to all cooperate success.
  • fas
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    I think all of us should sue Apple and Samsung for behaving like kids.
  • Maxtor182
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    Screw Samsung. They might make good components, but they dont know how to put them together to make a phone. I had a Samsung this summer. I had it 3 weeks before i threw it against a wall n it exploded into peices. Never buy another one
  • I'm high Aka hacker
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    Apple has a reputation for building its hardware and software entirely in-house and not partnering with outside companies.Apple didnt need Samsung for iMac or iPod because Apple has some of the best engineers in the world and this is why they sue cuz they don't give a **** and a matter of fact there going to be the ones to be the first to build curve glass which hasnt been done and it's going to be a spaceship and this will be there campus where every one of course would want a job there to be an alien from outer space which will seek more hackers and engineers of course cuz there worth 383 billion dollars and are current the # 1 company in the world.oh don't forget Steve jobs is Still Alive and is still an apple employee so Samsung is losing a customer worth 383 billion dollars but Samsung worth 173 billion dollars short about 200 billion and samung unfortunatly isn't a software company which depends on google os and microsoft os cuz I know they sell windows samsung 7 but google did say they have Samsung back so this is where it gets interesting but for Samsung it a huge lost cuz they lose a big customer and there's stuff has been banned in most places and there know out of the race which profits all companies cause they were trying to compete they should understand that they should continue to make hardware for there customers including apple but sneaky samsung went on top of the 3rd quarter sales made a killing but now is out of the race in some places so far cuz apples pissed that Samsung actually grab the whole cake when there customers apple presented them with billion dollar ideas but no more ideas from apple no more when they have a reputation of ideas so samsung better suck googles **** cuz that there only way of making money but samsung will still be rich and just complain they aren't going to be as rich as apple and now samsung can't have the woke cake but they will have a small piece hopefully if they could win but the true war is really between google and samsung vs apple and for Microsoft they want a samsung windows 7 tablet to take the whole cake too but samsung needs to work with a software company so there pretty much screw that they need somebody not like apple who really doesn't need anybody cuz they do hardware why else u think they fired Samsung and no only did they get fired but now there getting banned but Samsung still gonna make money regardless because they got some good hardware but what's hardware without software nothing but they still end up making money one way or another and for apple are they going to invent something again and Patton it lol and make Samsung salty or will Google carry Samsung for a long ride intill the next invention happens nobody knows but my money going with apple cuz of computer iPhone and Microsoft cuz of kinnect and xbox and google for there great software but no inventions just copycats like Samsung that's why there best friends but what they should do is join eachother instead and invent something instead they take whats invented and make it cheaper and better so I hope samsung and google continue to work together cuz together they actually get close to apple standards especially when Samsung has knowledge of apples inventions which will lead google to victory but apple will invent again and banned phones and tablets to prove it and then google will be next on the hit list and then it's gonna get more interesting
  • Grime
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    Apple better watch out? Haven't you been keeping up,not less than 2 weeks ago Apple had Samsung's tablet banned in Europe. What's good for the goose is good for the gander as the saying goes.Personally I think its ridiculous, patents are out of control. These corporations borrow ideas all the time, but more importantly ideas that shouldn't be patented in the first place. Its like saying Apple should be banned from making a graphical user interface os, because Microsoft has one. Not sure who came first, it could be the other way around. They're similar in many ways just as much as they're different. Just like ios and googles android os and the hardware they run on. Apples on a power trip. I have an iphone and an ipad, I love Apple products but their actions are unjust. As a consumer I don't want one option, the more the better, it stifles competition. As much as I like Apple products, if they continue on this path it can only mean price increases on their already over priced products. I'm not a fan of greedy corporations, and Samsung winning this court battle will help in balancing out the differences between the two, that ultimately benefits the consumer.
  • Long Winded Hot Air
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    The guy with the really long, boring and non sensical response: get a grip. You don't know what you're talking about. You're carrying on and on and none of it means anything. Go to school you f*cking idiot.
  • mkimid
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    Two identical greedy parties
  • Jane Fonda
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    I don't have better things to care about. HaHa
  • Hacker
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    Just fucking read and shut the **** up u obviously don't know how to read I did say im High do I need to explain my self What that means and for your information I did go to school and I'm almost done fag and you on the other hand I can tell u have no education cuz u come to a website just to act like I know it all when u haven't said anything even useful but just someone who just likes to be ignorant and criticize.also retard this isn't school and if u want to be a teacher who correct grammar then be a fucking teacher and keep that **** at a school And for any more future trolls stop putting people down to make yourself feel better cuz it just makes you look like a depress retard who needs a life
  • psp
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    true samsung make good component but the past few yrs their phone products sucks to the core, omnia, omnia 2,galaxy...which is y i change to iphone.