Lead Developer Of Facebook's iPad App Quits In Frustration; Defects To Google

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imageLead Developer Of Facebook's iPad App Quits In Frustration; Defects To Google

Facebook's widely anticipated iPad app, whose code had been bundled along with the Facebook for iPhone app and later pulled out, was apparently almost ready back in May this year. This piece of information comes from Jeff Verkoeyen an ex-Facebook employee who was working full time on the iPad version of the app. Following Facebook's decision to indefinitely hold the release of the now-fully-complete app, Verkoeyen decided to quit the company and join Google.

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  • Ken
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    Hope it turn out well...
  • fas
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    Obviously its going to be frustrating. Its been so long in the coming,
  • Karthik
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    Delaying launch for five months! where developer spent more than 80 hours per week. What to say. If the Apple media event gives the marketing pull probably worth waiting.
  • Lars
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    This is awful reporting. "MG says that Facebook may be working in collaboration with Apple on Project Spartan". Notice the speculation implied!? Followed up two paragraphs later with "So until Apple and Facebook arrive at an agreement on "Project Spartan" and Facebook for iPad, iPad owners would be deprived of an official Facebook app". **** me. For whatever reason, I've ALWAYS come here for my tech news instead of TechCrunch, BGR or any other of the big guys. Maybe simply because I bookmarked it years ago and it's become part of my daily routine, but if the BULLSHIT FULL PAGE ADS weren't enough, this lazy reporting is the deal breaker. I'm fucking done with this site.
  • bandrax
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    Or is it that... iOS 5 new BIG feature is .. it would be facebook integrated.. like Twitter!!! Who knows they always have 'one more thing'
  • iCandDigThat
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    i grabbed a copy of the facebook app for iPad when it leaked and it's still the best way to use facebook on a mobile device, even the new timeline features and profile pages look great on it. I understand the leverage aspect of it for Facebook but, really, they'd be better off with a crack dealer's strategy; Give everyone a free taste to get them hooked. Although, maybe that's what the techcrunch leak was all about in the first place.