MewSeek Brings P2P File Sharing to the iPhone

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imageMewSeek Brings P2P File Sharing to the iPhone

iPhone app developer, Errrick who had developed iSlsk, the first peer-to-peer (P2P) application for the jailbroken iPhone has released an updated version of the P2P Soulseek client for iPhone firmware 2.x and renamed it as MewSeek. Along with MewSeek, Errrick has also released PwnPlayer, an alternative iPhone app to iPhone's...

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  • A Black Dude
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    I use to islsk on 1.x, but i have ben using dtunes with 2.0 which personally has a better interface and isn't as buggy. it also doesn't require a separate player.

  • SayWhaT
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    dTunes music can be played through PwnPlayer by redirecting the File System path in the settings. So now you can listen to everything you have on your phone...iTunes sync'd music, dTunes, and Mewseek files. Better yet just symlink them all to the default folder.

    PwnPlayer is 100% better than the original iPod application even in its infantile state.

    Yet another reason to Pwn your phone.

  • Neuro
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    Once I installed Mew my iPhone is slow to respond. Even with the program off it is slower now, what gives?

  • John
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    mewseek and pwnplayer are really great apps. I have been using them for a couple of says now with only a few hiccups (the whole system works even better when u get the "finder" app off of cydia((what is that app called again?)))

  • Gary
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    the pwnplayer doesnt work, it comes up the message for 2 seconds then just turns off and mewseek just restarts my phone every now and again.