iPhone Firmware 2.2: Users Will be Prompted to Rate iPhone App Before Deleting

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imageiPhone Firmware 2.2: Users Will be Prompted to Rate iPhone App Before Deleting

The beta version of iPhone firmware 2.2 which should be released to iPhone users soon has revealed some interesting features like Google Street View including walking and public transportation routes for directions. A new screen shot from iPhone firmware 2.2 published by folks at Greek site, iPhoneHellas reveals that Apple...

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  • InSovietRussiaPhoneEyesYou
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    I REALLY hope they put in an option to turn this off. It'd annoy the sweet bejesus out of me if every time I deleted an app it prompted me to rate it.

  • Fer
    Fer Posts: 3
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    mms is what the iPhone is really missing,hate to go to web site to see pics that were sent to me

  • Ted
    Ted Posts: 35
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    what is apple's deal with cut & paste? for crying out loud why wont they do it?

  • djman10
    djman10 Posts: 94
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    How about a cancel button to stop the transmission of a text message. Would give us a chance to correct embarassing typos (especially those causd by the auto-correct).

  • reza
    reza Posts: 12
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    I agree include the basics like MMS and Cut,Copy & Paste text.

  • mike
    mike Posts: 489
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    How about A2DP, I know not everyone has a use for it but it is surely a must for a phone with built in iPod. Even my wifes W610i does it..... come on apple I have heard that the bluetooth profile for it just needs to be activated. Also MMS, cut and paste, week view on calendar would be nice....... apart from that I have to say that the iPhone is the best phone i have ever owned and would buy another straight away!

  • Greg
    Greg Posts: 106
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    Voice Activated Dialing!

  • Gazza
    Gazza Posts: 4
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    With each passing update no mention of ToDos is really annoying.
    The same with copy & paste. Makes no sense to me or probably 90% of iPhone users.

  • Tepounet
    Tepounet Posts: 2
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    hello all,

    Agreed once and for all about copy/paste
    But we'll probably end up not using it much anyway!
    But on MMS I disagree, what's the need for crappy
    Quality pictures sent!!!!
    Why not e-mail them.?
    Many iPhone users without a dataplan or wifi????
    Even v-card's sending is now handy!

    Actually today I use the keyboard faster than on a Crackberry
    With the T9 turned on on the appropriate language.

    So after a while some of the claims prove to be just a bit emotional!


    I'm holding the best product there is so far!

  • nicolasl46
    nicolasl46 Posts: 25
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    yeah, apple is just playing around with all of us. We have been asking for these features ever since the first iphone! Another thing i would like to add to the long "TO DO" list, wouldn't it be nice for the weather icon to change whenever the temperature on your main city changes, instead of unlocking the iphone, looking at your springboard, and be always sunny with 73 degres. The calendar changes, why not the weather. They need to give it more of a widget look!

  • Blue
    Blue Posts: 32
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    Is asking users to rate apps they are deleting really a legitimate sample, since users are DELETING the app?!?

    I'm all for ratings, but this seems to be asking for bad data.

    How about rating apps that people actually USE a certain number of times over period of time?

    Then, I suppose that would be skewing the results the other direction.

    Either way, I'd rather have feedback from people using apps, rather than a ton of ratings from people trying out apps only to delete 5 minutes later...

  • Heath Sharp
    Heath Sharp Posts: 1
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    A lot of people have my phone # but not my email on their phone. Most people find it a mess to email me a photo from their phone. So ya MMS would be the most ideal option. For crying out loud. All other phones have it. GEEEZZZ

  • Abdou
    Abdou Posts: 5
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    I hope the 2.2 firmware version will include bluetooth files sharing (i.e sending and receiving any type of files ), we know that the bluetooth hardware in iphone 3G has all profiles but the OS disable'em, although i'm 99 % sure that will not and apple will not enable this feature so that they keep their f**king iTunes tuned on to gather much money.

    what do you think ????

  • Doug Kilgore
    Doug Kilgore Posts: 3
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    the incomplete Exchange features are a pain: need to be able to add invitees to a calendar entry from within the iPhone; need to be able to edit the calendar type on saved entries; need to be able to email a contact record; need the Exchange Tasks manager. OH - big one.... Need to be able to flip emails and text messages to landscape view for easier reading and texting on a wider keyboard!

  • Ken Copen
    Ken Copen Posts: 1
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    A2DP so I can use my iphone with bluetooth stereo headphones. Voice Dialing. Flash support. The ability to multitask between Apps (ie; listen to Pandora and browse Safari at the same time). I'd much rather have these things before MMS and Cut and Paste. That would be nice, but so much lower priority.

  • Luke
    Luke Posts: 51
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    Need calendar api and tasks which is long overdue.

  • Rl
    Rl Posts: 19
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    What is needed in the 2.2 firmware update: Cut & paste, MMS, flash support, and options to vary the occurrence of appointments in the calendar. I am tired of having to type in each the same appointment I have several times each month, when I could just say I want an event on the calendar every 3rd monday of every month or whatever the occurrence may be, like the Windows Mobile OS has.