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    Undocumented Features of iPhone Firmware 2.2

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageUndocumented Features of iPhone Firmware 2.2

    Apple released the much awaited iPhone firmware 2.2 update on Thursday night which includes improvements such as such as Google Street View, Podcast over-the-air download and includes fix for the Safari crashes and the iPhone Safari exploit that was reported earlier in the week. However, there were some features that...

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    • RolandoRolando Posts: 2
      via Wordpress

      Great info. Thanks alot!

    • Posts: 10
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      I'm not sure if this update was for 2.1 or 2.2, but I also noticed an update to the iPod function in the phone.

      When you browse your library using the 'songs' menu it will now show the artist name, and album in smaller print under the song name. Before it only showed the song name.

      This is a minimal, but pretty useful addition for me. I have several songs that have the same name, and now it's easier to browse through the whole library. : )

    • yvetteyvette Posts: 3
      via Wordpress

      i have a question...when i revirginize my hacked iphone, can i upgrade it using itunes again?

    • Com3Com3 Posts: 3
      via Wordpress

      Another amazing feature is background syncing! im actually uploading all my songs to my phone while its still syncing with iTunes, i dont know if this is a glitch or something, but its working! please test it out and let us know

    • XatticaXattica Posts: 16
      via Wordpress

      On version 2.1, on settings/safari/database is (GmailMobileWeb). But on 2.2 is (Google Talk Asset Cache).

    • Craig CudmoreCraig Cudmore Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      When updating an app from the app store, it now updates the app in place on the page it was previously. On 2.1 it would re-add the app to the first open spot on the pages and then move it to the original location. Now it's all done in-place.

    • XatticaXattica Posts: 16
      via Wordpress

      I updated via Itunes. The update is so weak that can't remove the numeric battery and the custome carrier name...

    • hatterhatter Posts: 10
      via Wordpress

      I noticed under setting - safari there is a toggle for plug-ins

    • BootsBoots Posts: 1
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      Passcode bug with the upgrade:

      I have to use the passcode lock feature, enforced when using with our corporate mail (Exchange).

      After 2.2, if you press Emergency Call by accident then go back to enter your passcode it comes back invalid. (I struggled for a loooong time with this - checking that I was typing it in correctly...)

      Workaround - after one failed attempt, turn off the phone, turn it back on, and your passcode should now work properly

    • Johnny QJohnny Q Posts: 1
      via Wordpress

      Also Under Settings | Safari | Theres a new Setting called Databases that says Gmail Mobile Web

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