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    Apple Reportedly Contacting iPhone 4S Users To Investigate Battery Life Issues



    • devoldevol Posts: 63
      via Wordpress
      Have noticed a huge improvement just over the last day with the new phone. Seems to be working allot better.
    • JanetJanet Posts: 4
      via Wordpress
      With android one can just change the battery and keep a few spare batteries in ones top pocket if needed. Loyalty is about surrendering ones individuality.
    • RobertoRoberto Posts: 14
      via Wordpress
      I sold my iphone 4 the day I got my 4s so was not really able to test the two together in terms of battery life. At one point I could totally tell the 4s was worse than the 4, now it's about the same. Last night it went down 5% points from midnight to 9:37am. Everything was enabled. I think for me the problem was icloud and the location services. There are a couple apps that even after closing the location service icon was still active. The only icloud service I have left on now is the find my phone and calendar.
    • MarkMark Posts: 267
      via Wordpress
      I have all my location services, Siri, and push on. However, I turned off cellular data and when I'm on wifi the battery lasts overnight dropping only 5%. And the phone stays much cooler.
    • rebeccarebecca Posts: 7
      via Wordpress
      Check out the extended battery product by QYG. It's been a life saver for me. It's available on amazon.
    • iSellMyiPhoneiSellMyiPhone Posts: 4
      via Wordpress
      I took my iPhone off the charger the other morning to answer some emails and noticed that the battery drained by 7% in about an hour. I was not connected to my WiFi network at the time and have noticed that it drains faster on 3G. Hopefully Apple finds a fix soon!
    • brianbrian Posts: 218
      via Wordpress
      What's it like being ignorant? Do you find it hard to wipe your own ass? iPhone 4S owners have a problem with battery dropping by 20% per hour on standby (at least that is what mine does), and your brainiac solution is to lower the brightness? Did you spend all day coming up with that eureka moment?Please, do the world a favor and have your tubes tied. Earth is not capable of handling your offspring.
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