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    Apple Patent Reveals New Persistent Overlay For iOS, Social Networking App And More

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageApple Patent Reveals New Persistent Overlay For iOS, Social Networking App And More

    PatentlyApple discovered Apple's future plans for iOS in a patent published yesterday.

    The Apple patent outlines a "persistent overlay" feature, Magic Mouse and Trackpad support for the iPad, and a new IDME ("ID Me") social networking feature.

    The patent application published by US Patent and Trademark Office outlines a lot of exciting potential features for Apple's iOS, though they seem directed at the iPad.

    Read the full story here


    • fasfas Posts: 2,297
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      This will only go into production by 2014.
    • melvariusmelvarius Posts: 200
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      Oh i can see it now. Apple sues Microsoft for patent infringement. Lets hope Windows 8/Mobile doesn't allow you to lock tiles/gadgets that can be configured so that they show up in every screen and show constantly updating information, video or play music. That would just be blatant copying of Apples brilliant concept/idea. am I right fannyboyZ? :) lol
    • MiaMia Posts: 8
      via Wordpress
      Would you not want to protect your ideas from other people using them? It gives your products an edge over others. Idiot.
    • melvariusmelvarius Posts: 200
      via Wordpress
      Too true. Still if M$ call these overlays, ooh lets see now, "Sidebar Gadgets", they might just get away with it. On account of them being available since the release of Windows Vista. I'm surprised Apple haven't submitted a patent for "fire" and the "wheel" yet. Still it's early days bud lol
    • via Wordpress
      "Your ideas"? Widgets aren't Apple's ideas. Apple is just choosing where to place them and are attempting to get away with a new patent by replacing the word "widgets" with the title "persistent overlays." Do not call others idiots when you are not so far from from one. I hate how these Apple fanboys can be so insular. This patent also reminds me of Apple's suing against Samsung on the shape of the Galaxy Tab resembling the "form factor" of the iPad. It's just how Apple attempted patenting the rectangle and got away with it. People like you claim that the iPad's ingenious, outer-design is an original. Apple did not invent the rectangle people, grow up, stop aggrandizing the Apple Corporation and broaden your views. I swear, Apple is degrading the mental capacity of some people. I call this, along with others, fanboyism. I'm sorry there's no cure for your ignorance, stupidity, and loyalty to a company who has no ties with you.
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