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    A Glimpse At Apple's In-Store Retail Software

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageA Glimpse At Apple's In-Store Retail Software

    If you've been in an Apple store, then you know all employees have iPod touches. But how exactly do employees use them to help customers? The New York Times took a look at Apple's retail software to find out.

    Brian Chen, a blogger for New York Times, took a more personal look at the in-house retail software that Apple store employees have on their iPod Touches. Diego Aguirre, an Apple store employee in Palo Alto, California went through the process.

    Read the full story here


    • KwopauKwopau Posts: 294
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      Saw this on TAUW few days ago.;)
    •  Posts: 30
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      I don't know if this is true for apple stores but it happened in the one I was in. My wife n I went in to upgrade her phone after we did the purchase the blue shirt asked if we wanted a bag and as soon as we said yet he pulled one from one of the display tables. It was like like a magic trick. Prety intertaining
    • J. MillerJ. Miller Posts: 1
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      The home button on my IP4 died yesterday so I am quite familiar with the Ipod Touch that the guys are using for business. I make EVERY attempt to avoid the Apple store in Indianapolis b/c it's always crowded, etc. The streamlined ability to schedule the appointment with the "Genius Bar", check-in at the store, and handling the business was rather impressive. I can remember when I bought my first Iphone 3G, the Apple-store employees were using DELL handlhelds! I found that quite humorous.
    • KwopauKwopau Posts: 294
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      They keep the stuff under the table, the receipt printer is under the table as well. I've known this part for about 2 years already.
    • KwopauKwopau Posts: 294
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      I hear ya. I was there on Black Friday to get my sister's MBP. In the morning it wasn't that crowded but as time passes by, around noon was when it was really crowded. (I'm hoping your talking about the Keystone (Simon Mall)? Last year (Black Friday), I made a genius appointment for my sister's iphone battery issue on her 3G S and it was crowded, though we came on time, we had to wait an hour for our turn.
    • fasfas Posts: 2,297
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      I think they need to get this model everywhere else in the world as well.
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