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    Tether Responds To Apple's Decision To Ban Their Tethering App

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageTether Responds To Apple's Decision To Ban Their Tethering App

    Yesterday, Apple pulled's iPhone app - iTether after briefly allowing it in the App Store.

    Read the full story here


    • marpmarp Posts: 10
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      money hoarding carriers and apple kissing the carrier's ass...
    • Out1awXOut1awX Posts: 1
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      I already pay for a Data package, It should be left up to me how i use my data package without a carrier holding their hand out.
    • nicknick Posts: 219
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      i was able to download this app and i tried it today it works great. Simple to use for those limited times i may need it.
    • Ha77manHa77man Posts: 1
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      Here in the uk we can have unlimited data with tether with network three. This app is worthless if you don't have unlimited data with no fair usage policy.
    • axeaxe Posts: 185
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      Not to mention that the coming ios 5.1 will eventually disable home screen shortcut like the icon project app that legally enable non jailbroken to create shortcut toggles for wifi, brightness, reset safari etc. I pay for the app which apple approved it but if i upgrade to 5.1 i can't use toggle anymore. Kinda felt support buying apps suck.
    • ...... Posts: 34
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      I can use the hotspot in the Czech republic for free. :)
    • TrickTrick Posts: 11
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      I totally agree with the last post. If apple isn't goIng to support the app in the future, they should pull it now and refund everyone who already purchased the app. This is total BS. I believe I see a class action suit in the future if they choose to continue along this path.
    • Brandon HashBrandon Hash Posts: 51
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      It's all about the money anymoreHumanity is in a sad state of time
    • JasonJason Posts: 585
      via Wordpress
      You guys are from places were u and two other people in the whole cell tower radius are using their phones at any given time. Its east hogging bandwidth with usage like that. I live in nyc where out network is clogged on any given peek hours day. I magine if just ONE user had that running torrents on a situation like that. It wouldn't b fair to those just downloading email or surfing websites.
    • LooniLooni Posts: 4
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      Money money money!!!! It ends up being the main issue!!!! They are just silent thieves!!
    • Steve VBSteve VB Posts: 3
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      I'd put carrier data packages into 2 categories -- unlimited and capped. Restrictions on these should be similar to restaurants. There always needs to be some sort of restriction. Restaurants cap all-you-can eat buffets with the proviso that there's no take-out or sharing with non-paying customers. All an individual can eat during that meal in the restaurant. Seems reasonable for unlimited data packages to be all-your-phone-can-use, and restrict tethering. But like restaurants where you order a meal, and can share it with your spouse/kid/dog/bird in the window/..., so capped data plans should be able to be used however the consumer likes.I think it's reasonable for Apple to enable such business models.The issue I have is the carriers who offer capped data plans, but still restrict how they're used. Who's in a place of power to fight them on that point? Apple?
    •  Posts: 30
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      How about telling us about apps like this before they get pulled
    • AaronAaron Posts: 137
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    • VellyvellVellyvell Posts: 2
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      Its not fare the I pay for unlimited service but they limite my service thinking about going to sprint 
    • alliswellalliswell Posts: 1
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      I paid verizon $30 per month for 2 gb data, but I only use 100mb, there is no reason I can not use what I paid, in my own way.
    • DJScopeDJScope Posts: 38
      via Wordpress
      God damn Nazis they are! In Australia we can tether as much as we want, so how come we have to suffer because American carriers are money hungry?!?!?!?!
    • HendrixHendrix Posts: 16
      via Wordpress
      I carnt believe they sold the app for $14.99 what a rip off, I would never pay for tether as it is free on my iPhone on most networks in Australia, any network that charge for this feature are just ripping customers off the iPhone has the option installed for free, phone networks suck balls, I mean who cares how you the customer users there data plan whether it is 3G of tethered you still only have say 2gig either way and if yo go over your data limit the phone company rapes you for the excess data usage anyway, it is just another way for phone giants to pillage millions of dollars for ticking a box and clicking apply.
    • CraigCraig Posts: 178
      via Wordpress
      Tethering has been available on cydia for years. All you have to do is jailbreak and a retarded baby could figure that out. Of course they care about money...they're a business...they're out to make money. I'm sure if one of you owned a company and someone else made something to take money from you and you had the power to BAN would. So don't be all pissy just because apple wants money.
    • Ryan GrillRyan Grill Posts: 23
      via Wordpress
      Anyone been kicked off there unlimited plan while using the latest PDAnet or MyWi lately??
    • MichaelMichael Posts: 316
      via Wordpress
      When this whole dictatorship of data control started I knew eventually our rights to free will would be abolished. All these carriers are money hungry greedy capitalist and a class action suit needs to be filed against all of them with supreme court demanding fair usage of our data and other cute little things that they clause in their agreement. Every last single one of them are guilty constitutional rights infringement and they continue to get away with it. Sure they provide a service but most customers don't think so. High monthly bills for mediocre service and capped data that will charge another $10 for a gig when you cap. That's BS.
    • LouisLouis Posts: 180
      via Wordpress
      If it weren't for these "GREEDY CAPITALIST" you wouldn't even have an iPhone to cry about. Steve Jobs was the biggest capitalist in this country and his "Greedyness" gave us these fantastic machines. And as for constitutional rights, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!!!??? The constitution is supposed to protect us from the government not comapnies but cry babies like you scream about companies and allow the government to CRUSH ALL our rights. Don't like the service you have? CHANGE IT!!!!
    • fasfas Posts: 2,297
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      Apple should not do this, allow app one day and discontinue it the other!
    • TravisTravis Posts: 35
      via Wordpress
      I believe you meant "My-Wi", not "Wi-Fi" at the very end.
    • Bradley KellyBradley Kelly Posts: 26
      via Wordpress
      You can't get Personal Hotspot on the 3GS. Or is there a way I don't know about?
    • dicedice Posts: 94
      via Wordpress
      Wish i was quicker to get app, altho id much rather have a wireless hotspot than a usb connection. I mean seriously, wired?!? Wtf
    • J-GodJ-God Posts: 40
      via Wordpress
      Remember this Steve Jobs invented the iPhone. He had an idea of a phone that is touch screen, fast processor, and all the good feature that came with the phone. But unfortunately Apple is the greedy one which told Steve that it was a great idea but wanted to milk it to the consumer. Get off the box you live in and think about this. Mind you that we talking about apple as a business. Apple had all those parts from the iPhone 4S when they came out with the iPhone 2G. We been getting herb thinking that they figure these things out after they introduce a new iPhone.
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