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    Rumor: Apple May Launch 4G LTE iPad Next Summer; 4G LTE iPhone By Fall



    • fasfas Posts: 2,297
      via Wordpress
      What ever the rumours say, next iphone comes in October 2012
    • CraigCraig Posts: 178
      via Wordpress
      The 4S is already 4G capable...but only on AT&T.
    • JayJay Posts: 295
      via Wordpress
      AT&T not 4g thats HSPA+ no were near 4g. N two the new iPhone is the 6 gen so iPhone 6 or like said before iPhone 4gs ( 4g iPhone).people should do there research before talking.
    • Lokys KasparasLokys Kasparas Posts: 10
      via Wordpress
      I'm mean about name of iphone and it would be "iphone 5", not "4G LTE"
    • PetePete Posts: 92
      via Wordpress
      HSPA+ and 4G service is very comparable.LTE is the next big thing,which is seposedTo have down load speeds up to 100mps.
    • dodododo Posts: 3
      via Wordpress
      In fact you missed out Verizon iPhone 4, which was a newer production series. on your vision, next Iphone would be iPhone 7. But thinking of marketing strategies of apple, first of all, next Iphone definitely wont be iPhone 4S LTE, as this would destroy Apple's intention of staying at the peak, by people won't bothering getting a partially modified iPhone 4S. They wouldn't crash themselves, but they also can't jump to iPhone 6 or 7. So their intelligent choice of next generation iPhone model would be iPhone 5. And Apple is full of renovation, so it won't be just minor modifications.Also, to the article, Apple is bringing up iPhones around every 1 year and 3 months. We may have to wait until December 2012 until next iphone arrives. And Apple doesn't release iPhone and iPad in consecutive quarters, as they want their products to be sold as much as possible. Besides if Apple decides to be one of the first movers into the 4G LTE market, they may release it earlier then October.My belief of upcoming releases of Apple are:- May/June - iPad 3 LTE - September - Apple TV (if rumors are true)- December - iPhone 5 LTE(shift 2 months back if Apple decides to be one of the first-movers)
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