HP's iPhone App - iPrint Photo Allows you to Print Photos Wirelessly from your iPhone

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imageHP's iPhone App - iPrint Photo Allows you to Print Photos Wirelessly from your iPhone

In case you missed it among the 10,000+ iPhone apps on the App Store, HP has released an iPhone App called iPrint Photo that lets you print borderless 4"x6" (American standard) and 10 x 15cm (European standard) photos from your iPhone to an HP printer on the same Wi-Fi network....

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  • Phewop
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    Finally, HP releases this. I wanted to be able to print so badly from my iPhone - even my old FREE Sony Ericsson could print to my hp by Bluetooth. Can't wait to go home and try it out. And yes I know that all sounds quite sarcastic, but I fully mean it.

    TRIXXY DIXXY Posts: 25
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    This would be a pretty useful app for me if i could get it to work.

    I have a 3G iphone and Vista with a HP printer connected via USB and is compatible according to the HP website.

    I've enabled printer sharing in Vista but my iphone dose not detect any available printers when I try to print from it.

    Any ideas anyone?

  • JustLooking
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    Very cool, just downloaded the app. When you launch it, it auto detects your printer, just hit print. Using an HP 7260 all-in-one with wifi. One issue, it cuts off the outer 1/8" of the picture. trying to see if there is a way to change this.

  • Debbie
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    I can't get it to find my printer either. I have XP and an eligible printer. HP couldn't help me. Any ideas?

  • Debbie
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    Someone on another board wrote this. It helped me:

    You have to make sure it is available on the wifi network. So if your printer has wifi capablities it is simple, just make sure the wifi is on. If it is not, I believe you have to have it available via bonjor with the computer on.

  • Edward Kim
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    Getting camera phone photos out of the phone and into another medium has been a big pain. Glad to see HP innovating to provide a simple way to get photos out of the phone and onto a physical medium that you can share.

    Might I suggest also checking out Picwing Prints? It’s another way to automatically print and mail your iphone photos to those closest to you, without requiring an HP wireless printer: http://www.picwing.com/