AT&T Selling Refurbished iPhone 3G's for $99

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imageAT&T Selling Refurbished iPhone 3G's for $99

Walmart has finally announced that Apple's iPhone 3G will be available in their retail stores from Sunday, Dec 28. But there was no mention of the rumored $99 iPhone. However, if you are looking for a $99 iPhone there is some good news, AT&T has started selling refurbished iPhone 3G's...

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    Apparently, existing customers can't buy refurbished iPhones either! What the hell AT&T? >:(

    The option for refurb iPhones is available until I log in, and the system sees I have an account already.

  • Hawaii Dude
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    I would rather spend the extra $100 for a brand new unit with full warranty and the new unit dont have existing previous problems. Since you gonna get stuck with a minimum $1900 contract over 2yrs... why not pay the extra $100 for a new unit?

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    another way to activate the emoticons on 3g iphone 2.2. You need to 1st jailbreak the phone and download the patch through cydia. Once that is done, you can backup the iphone through itunes and restore. As soon as you sync the settings with itunes, even the emoticons settings will be enabled. So you have a non jail broken iphone, with emoticons enabled .

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    AT&T sucks! They won't sell me a refurbished iPhone unless I cancel my current AT&T service plan (without penalty because I have no contract) before I order the refurbished iPhone. It makes absolutely no sense. Now I am seriously considering switching to a different wireless provider. Any recommendations?

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  • Brandon
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    Over 10 years ATT customer here. Been with them before they were Cingular and now back to AT&T.

    That's rediculous that they don't give me the same deal as someone who is not a loyal customer.

    This... I am calling them about.

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    Can someone tell me when i cane by refurbished iPhone 3Gs or any web address.

    thnx in advance