Possible Photo of Apple's iPhone Nano?

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imagePossible Photo of Apple's iPhone Nano?

It looks like iPhone Nano is going to dominate the rumor mill prior to Macworld 2009. Last week, iDealsChina had published the information and rendering of the iPhone Nano case manufactured by a Chinese case manufacturer, XSKN claiming that the product will be announced at Macworld San Francisco 2009. Yesterday,...

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  • Clinton Cronin
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    I do not think that any of the reasons why it couldn't really have any sort of bearing on whether they create the device. I think it comes down to economics and whether Apple would really want to compete with their own device in its current price bracket. The way apple prices the iPhone it is quite difficult to do anything like a Nano without either severely stripping it of features (and giving users something like an SDHC slot with less internal memory).

    The distance between a users ear and mouth ? There are plenty of smaller phones than the iPhone that work just fine.

    Current apps not being able to cope with a smaller screen? How hard would it be to port an app to a different screen size or only allow certain "nano" apps to work with the phone ?

  • Josh
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    Most bluetooth devices get nowhere near you mouth... ?

  • Kevin
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    I don't think it's highly unlikely for apple to make a smaller version of their ever-so-popular iphone.
    Palm did it with their Treo..creating the Centro. and the centro is also quite small.
    But then again, based on those pictures..the nano seems like it is way too small to be functional.
    didn't i read something on this website about iphone not going 32gb because of lack of space?

  • Dre
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    This is pretty stupid knowning that the iphone still has plenty of minor and major fixes to be done such as landscape everything, no more random safari crashes, push,turn by turn gps, flash and so much more why bring out another product?

  • iPhoneHacks
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    I agree there are quite a few mobile phones which are smaller but have you ever ended up buying such a mobile phone and do you know of any mobile phone of that size which is popular?

    I have never bought one nor am I aware of one which was popular.

    But you are right, most of the iPhone apps will not work (or will be unusable) for that size and that is another reason why it seems unlikely.

  • Tj
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    This does have all the airs of a hoax designed to merely bring attention to the XSKN product line. Lookin forward to seeing Apple shut down their rumor mill!

  • ahsan
    ahsan Posts: 14
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    Will it be iPhone........??????

    I am also taking it as new generation of IPOD TOUCH NANO.

    As far as applications concerned, the smaller screen can be of same resolution as iphone 3g, so application should work all......

    as far as funcionality is concerned... i am also worried how to work on a smaller screen.... though it wont be that much difficult....

    i am more taking it as iPod Touch Nano.... maybe...

    lets keep our fingers crossed...

  • Kwopau
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    I highly doubt iphone nano would come out.

    But it is a great idea because iphone is a bit big and a bit heavy to carry around.

    On the other hand iphone nano would be cool, light, and small.