Apple Rejects iPhone Book App - Knife Music for Objectionable Content

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imageApple Rejects iPhone Book App - Knife Music for Objectionable Content

David Carnoy, an editor at CNet and author of emergency-room psychodrama called Knife Music had hired iPhone app developer Alexandru Brie to release his book as an iPhone app on the App Store using Brie's TouchBooks Reader software. However, when Alexandru Brie submitted the app book to the App Store...

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  • Chris
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    Apple is retarded sometimes. Eventually they'll realize that literature shouldn't fall under their regulations. According to their rules, Tom Sawyer wouldn't be accepted, or Uncle Tom's Cabin.


  • zorro
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    Chris is right, Apple are utter tards when it comes to stuff like this.

    Why they don't have some kind of age verification system as part of iTunes I do not know.

    If Apple insists on treating iPhone users like kiddies then we will all get Android phones in a year or two and the whole iPhone phenomena will die out quicker than shell suits went out of fashion.

  • ben
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    Apple is banning books! Remember when Apple was just getting started and they had that whole 1984 video talking about how IBM was like big brother. Wow, Steve Jobs is now exactly like what he was warning us about so many years ago. Take a long look in the mirror Steve. You are IBM now.

  • xxi
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    gosh, apple's are so medieval.

  • Anthony
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    If we purchase the iphone, we should be able to do whatever we want to do with it. We didnt rent the phone, we purchased it.

    This is madness.