France's Competition Authority: Orange Can't Sell Apple's iPhone Exclusively

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imageFrance's Competition Authority: Orange Can't Sell Apple's iPhone Exclusively

France's competition authority has ruled that Apple must immediately cease its relationship with France Telecom's Orange where it has exclusive rights to sell Apple's iPhone in France and allow other local carriers to offer the iPhone to its subscribers. The watchdog has cited that Apple's exclusive arrangement with Orange poses...

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  • carlovg
    carlovg Posts: 1
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    Bravo to the French!
    America, the champion of free markets, allows practices that are totally anti competition.
    If Apple wishes to keep the iPhone as the number one object of desire they should make it available thorugh other carriers. Other phones will be made and Apple will lose the edge.
    Remember the Apple II and the fisrts Mac. If they are satisfied with 10% market share then it is OK to continue with this policy of closeness driven by greed.
    Wake up Apple!

  • Chris Wade
    Chris Wade Posts: 50
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    The French have a backbone? I am shocked and wish that America would follow suit on this one. Really, there is no good reason that any phone company should be allowed to use only one phone provider.

  • ben
    ben Posts: 235
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    I love the French. Apple can get by with greedy monopolistic practices in America and elsewhere but at least one country cares about consumer rights. I hope one day Apple will realize that anti co,mpetitive practices are not the way to go. Continue producing the best products without making your customers feel like your are Stalin, controlling our ever purchase and you will have our loyalty.

  • Zed Sefi
    Zed Sefi Posts: 143
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    Viva la France .. the world learned the meaning of the freedom from the French. They are such a perfect example of what freedom really is. SET THE IPHONE FREE!