World's First Software Method to Unlock iPhone 3G will be Released Today [Updated]



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    Enough with the fucking screenshots. I can do the same thing in photoshop. The iphone nano is probably coming out over the summer and we still haven't gotten the 3g unlocked. It's fine if it is not done, but can we put a cap on the bullshit that its almost done. I been hearing this ALMOST crap for a whole year. Just get turbosim and save yourself time from all this bullshit.

  • Scott
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    Will you all stop moaning! Its not the end of the world. These people have lives too and like all of us meet some problems along the way!

    If you read what the updates say it says there waiting for someone to wake up to fix the file permissons.

    Youve waited allong time for this, im sure a few more hours wont do you any harm.

  • mike
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    Hello, a question in reference to the soft unlock for iphone 3G. If I am presently using one of those thin sims that slips together with my sim unlock method, how do I go about using the soft method? Do I keep this other thin sim inside or does it come out for this process? Thanks in advance. Mike.

  • iPhoneHacks
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    I completely agree, we just need to be patient.


    You do not need the turbo SIM, thats the hardware method unlock iPhone 3G but with the dev team's software solution it should not be required.

  • Anonca
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    I am so fucking sick of all these bullshit rumors about the software release. The iphone nano is coming out probably in the summer and this thing still hasn't gotten unlocked. I gave my respect repeatedly for the jailbreak almost a year ago, but I've been hearing about a software unlock coming out every two weeks for a whole fucking year. Save yourself the bullshit from people on the release and get turbosim or something similar. I had this thing sitting in a box for months before I got tired of the B.S and finally got a turbosim. I was refreshing the iphone hacks page all day yesterday waiting for a software unlock and lo and behold, been bullshitted once again. These stupid screenshots on the due date of the software mean nothing if I can't fucking use it. That's like we wait in line at the apple store to get the iphone on the release date and after a whole day of waiting they give you a fucking picture.

  • Bob
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    Why dont you go to sleep and shut the **** up?

    You are very annoying! if u re not satisfied go and buy your iphone thru AT&T fucker!!!!

  • ThunderAndLightning
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    Helemaal super wij in nederland zullen het ook super vinden dat we alle turbosims weg kunnen gooien en gewoon met een simlock vrije iphone kunnen spelen echt super dev team Thnxxxx

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    be patient guys?,,,me to I'm waiting for mouths,,,I'm living in a little island in mauritius,,let's just b greatful for DevTeam,,,,there been working on that 4 a long time ,,,n paient is the fruit of the spirit,,,ok guys,,,,jay bless u all,,,,happy new year

  • andres
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    Hello all,

    We wish you a very happy, healthy, and hopeful 2009!

    We have released the yellowsn0w 3G unlock application, and we have some information that you may find useful:


    The unlock about to be released works exclusively with baseband 02.28.00. This baseband is provided by the latest firmware update (2.2) from Apple. You’ll need to upgrade to this release using iTunes and then use QuickPwn to activate etc. There are plenty of tutorials about this on iclarified, bigboss, and other established tutorial sites. Because it works on 02.28.00, it is available to everyone on the planet. This means we don’t need to unnecessarily expose holes in earlier basebands, which is an important concern.
    The application is a small daemon that is launched on boot. It injects the payload at boot and also whenever there is a baseband reset. You won’t notice anything about it other than that your third-party sim now works. It’s a small program and unobtrusive. There is no GUI (this is by design).
    You can add the application using the sources outlined below (coming soon). There are Cydia and Installer sources available, so use whichever you are comfortable using.
    yellowsn0w is completely removable through Cydia, the command line, and iTunes.

    There is a known issue with SIM cards that have STK (SIM Toolkit) application menus. These menus are usually items such as “top up” “get credit” “lotto numbers” etc. These menu items confuse the application sometimes. Removing and reinserting the SIM once after reboot (give it about 10 secs after you see the slide to unlock widget) fixes this issue. We’re working on a better fix.
    For those of you using SIM cards without STK menus, the application has some optional arguments that will make the unlock much faster for you. So either experiment on your own (use “yellowsn0w -h” for usage) or wait for a customization writeup.
    After you install yellowsn0w via Cydia, you should return to the Cydia main menu then reboot your iPhone with the 3rd party SIM installed. Wait for the slide to unlock screen, then wait 10 or 15 secs more. If you don’t see your carrier name pop up, then remove your SIM, reinsert it, and wait 10 secs more. This is the step we’ll be working on eliminating next.

    The application is version 0.9. This is considered beta software, you use it at your own risk. You know the score.
    The application is released on a non-commerical basis. Please do not accept pirates and scummy ripoffs of this software. We license this software for single use and in a non-commerical environment (meaning you can’t charge for it). The techniques and methods used are not to be used by third party companies. We are watching you Jody…we won’t be so forgiving this time.
    Direct linking to the repository URLs is prohibited, please only link to this post. We will be checking referers.
    Happy 2009 and enjoy!
    The iPhone 3G is used all over the world with all sorts of SIM cards, and we almost certainly will see untested and unexpected situations. If the soft unlock doesn’t work for you on day 1 (literally day 1, of 2009!) then please don’t panic or be impatient. This is new territory for everyone, so enjoy the ride as much as you can :)


    Cydia source:
    Installer repo:

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    where's the unlocked software.thx

  • JC
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    I think the Iphone Dev team should TEAR a mile in their arsehole for this

  • Leon
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    its not working when you palce a call the signal drops and call failed