VOiPover3G - Hack Allows iPhone Users to Make VOiP Calls over 3G/EDGE/GPRS



  • Norm
    Norm Posts: 3
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    Does anyone know how to trick Icall VOIP into thinking it is on wifi network?

  • Sunglasses
    Sunglasses Posts: 1
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    I cant get this thing to work! Cant find the application in Cydia. If I reinstall it will I remove my applications?

  • provoip
    provoip Posts: 1
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    Can ATT beat $2.95/month unlimited US/LD from Skype?

  • yes it works
    yes it works Posts: 1
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    I've used skype with voipover3g with great success; walking to the train station while doing an international conference call! Just install voipover3g and thats it...

  • Stan
    Stan Posts: 192
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    Well, I don't have unlimited evenings and weekends on my voice plan, only 150 mins/mo, but I have 6GB/mo of mobile traffic allowance, which I use 30% max (about 2GB is my record so far). So I'd benefit big time from this app.

  • Cihan
    Cihan Posts: 1
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    Skype? Without it I cannot imagine the amount of money that I would have paid for international calls. Even with flatrate services, the sound quality of Skype is supreme.

  • andres
    andres Posts: 23
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    This work on my Iphone 3GS jailbreak. Calls are fine and not problem. Try...its good.

  • Nyjil George
    Nyjil George Posts: 1
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    It is not working with Nimbuzz.

  • Craig Walsh
    Craig Walsh Posts: 1
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    For all those who do not want to go down the jailbreaking path, use Rebtel instead. http://www.itunes.com/apps/rebtel

  • Ferna
    Ferna Posts: 1
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    its works great in Brazilian Services


  • phunti
    phunti Posts: 1
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    I installed this on my iphone 3G. I am using Version 3.1 OS.

    It did not work. Fring is still giving me a message that calls are only allowed over wifi.

  • tha vix
    tha vix Posts: 1
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    I still don't undestand if there's a way to make voip calls (not wifi) without making the JailBreak cydia.

    I have a 3.1.2 new iphone 3gs and i can't Jailbreak it because it would loose the Jb at every shut down or startup. (tethered jailbreak that will probably bever be solved)

    So I find awful I can't make a voip call throgh 3g with such an expensive phone!!!

  • Shahzad
    Shahzad Posts: 3
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    Hi. I installed viopover3G and have been able to make calls onf ring though 3G/edge. also installed backgrounder and it helps to keep fring active in the background. but when it comes to nimbuzz, i cannot make calls when i m using edge/3G connection. it says nimbuzz calls allow only through wifi. also once i get out from nimbuzz n use mobile for some other thing n then again go to nimbuzzi fund myself to be disconnected means it is not running in the background

  • Shahzad
    Shahzad Posts: 3
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    can ne one pls help me on this n also whats the best voip paiud site for making international calls using iphone 3G connection. ne one have ne diea bout icall???

  • Free Internet phone calls
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    what about the iPad? how can we configure them to allow voip calls?

  • Gost
    Gost Posts: 1
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    please i need a link to download VOIPover3G ipa file.
    Because from China we cannot get it from saurik and co, those site are blocked. Thanks!

  • Robert Kowalski
    Robert Kowalski Posts: 1
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    Only PC to PC is free with Skype (on iPhone). Skype over WiFi to phone numbers is not only not free, but has steep 19-21 cents/minute charge and requires connecting only through Skype associated hot spot providers (given such even exist around you). Contrary to misleading sells pitches, you cannot use it say over your home or free public WiFi Hot Spot. What really ticks me however about SKype, is purposeful vagueness and misleading charter of what they sell. You have to read their forums to figure what it is they are selling and how it really works. They don't bother explaining anything clearly on their website at all, clearly hoping on catching few unaware ppl, who make assumptions and pay - to their bitter surprise afterwards. Once you pay money, Skype is universally re-known for being impossible to reach.You know, once you know someone has no spine to conduct himself honestly and fairly, this should be red flag enough to keep away from them. Its just if they don't rip you one way, they'll rip you another. Once a crook always a crook! Even in regard to free PC to PC Skype, which does have good quality of voice (while same cannot be said AT ALL about PC -phone line connection), I bet very few ppl are even aware of, it changes customer's computers into free Skype servers, through which huge number of skype conversations are routed, slowing someone's Internet, behind their back, without bothering informing them about it. Vote with your money! By teaching a lesson big crooked boo ha has you do making world better place.