Apple Kills iPhone Nano Rumors; Hints of Legal Battle against Palm?

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imageApple Kills iPhone Nano Rumors; Hints of Legal Battle against Palm?

Apple just posted record revenue of $10.17 billion and record net quarterly profit of $1.61 billion for its fiscal 2009 first quarter ended December 27, 2008. During the first-quarter earnings call, Apple's No. 2 and acting CEO, Tim Cook made some interesting comments. The first one was about the rumored...

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  • Jonny H
    Jonny H Posts: 47
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    Tim Cook is sharpening his AXE!

  • Love my iPhone 3G
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    Well, i am little confused... How do you know that "Low-end Voice phone" is referring to iPhone nano? Coz I don't see iPhone Nano is a low-end voice phone...

  • duluen
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    +1 i think of the iphone nano as a smaller sleeker iphone, why would it need to be low end?

  • ZedSefi
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    No matter how competition is going to be hard .. Apple's iPhone is always going to be at least 5 years ahead and when the Palm, Blackberry or the Nokia are getting closer and approaching the iPhone; Apple will release another generation of iPhones with much more advanced technology again and keeps the 5 years gap running all the time.

    I love my iPhone.

  • Irha
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    I guess you haven't seen the video of the Palm Pre from the CES. Apple has only managed to do minor upgrades from one firmware to the other, so small that in fact it makes me nauseous when sites like this start nit picking on each of them and blow them out of proportion. However, when you see the Palm Pre demo, you would notice that they are attempting provide an experience that is several orders of magnitude above iPhone. This is actually good for us iPhone users, as it should wake Apple up and cause them to continue to innovate.

  • iRoAR
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    my friend has an iphone nano from china its funny

    same sofware as this phone

    and the nano is about half the size and he has to use a ds stylus to type messages

  • MO
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    can someone explain what he means exactly when he says "However, we will not stand for having our IP ripped off." what does he mean by IP?

  • Kray-Z
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    Ok this is my whole thing, what is it with all these "iphone killers"? this is my take on it, if there really was such a thing as an iphone killer then that would be the only and last one called that because all other phones would be compared to the best phone, basically that one iphone killer (lets call it b-phone) so that the next phone should be a b-phone killer. The fact that they are still calling all new phones coming out is implying that there is yet one to beat the iphone and it is still the best and the one all other companies compare to. So untill I hear a company say that they have the new b-phone killer what ever that phone may be called Im sticking to the iphone.

  • jstar
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    mo, IP stands for Intellectual Property, referring to designs and concepts that are wholly Apple's.