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    T-Mobile USA to Offer Additional Support to Unlocked iPhone Users on Its Network

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageT-Mobile USA to Offer Additional Support to Unlocked iPhone Users on Its Network

    TMO News reports that T-Mobile USA will start offering its users who are using unlocked iPhones on their network additional support.

    Though T-Mobile USA is the only US Carrier among the top 4 carrier not to offer Apple's iPhone, it had revealed last year that more than a million unlocked iPhones are used on their network.

    Back in July 2011, T-Mobile USA started offering micro-SIM cards, which is required for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S.

    Read the full story here


    • JayJay Posts: 295
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      Simple mobile here I come 40 unlimited everything they run on t-mobile network. $40 for a iPhone great right
    • HendogHendog Posts: 14
      via Wordpress
      Wow... Grammar... Use it!
    • QuestionQuestion Posts: 5
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      So its obvious that the carriers don't want to unlock our phones early, how come we havent grouped together to to have in our two year contracts adjusted. - once the two year contract is up, the phone has been paid for and the contract is filled, so they carrier can unlock it. - most people will opt to re up and get a new phone but if they take care of there iPhone they can unlock it and sell it or god forbid keep using it a couple more years where they like. - obviously this would involve having the gov come in and stick up for us consumers, letting them know the contracts should do more for us to keep things balanced, or else once the contract is done, the carrier still owns the phone you paid for...
    • fasfas Posts: 2,297
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      and why wont they?
    • paulgpaulg Posts: 29
      via Wordpress
      The US politicians are bought and paid for by these gigantic corporations. No way they force ATT to unlock the iphones after contracts have expired.
    • ChristianChristian Posts: 102
      via Wordpress
      That is perfect grammar, but he has awful sentence structure.
    • asd13erasd13er Posts: 1
      via Wordpress
      heyy... smart asses.... no one really cares abt grammers or sentece structure's... as long as it is...understandable...
    • TremaineTremaine Posts: 3
      via Wordpress
      i have a iphone 4 thats at&t and running on 5.0.1. i am with tmobile and thought i could use it on the carrier i currently have… i havent got any help with figuring out how i can get it to work. no one seems sure or confident in what they are talking about. can an expert or somoeone who has a iphone 4 running on 5.0.1, who has done it and knows what they’re talking about help me please.
    • StiophanaiStiophanai Posts: 1
      via Wordpress
      Actually, people do. Thank you, Christian and Hendog, for being socially responsible. Shame on asd13er!
    • Justin RitscheJustin Ritsche Posts: 1
      via Wordpress
      Tremaine, do a Google search on how to jailbreak, and then "unlock" your iPhone 4. The carrier unlock is how you do it, but you have to be jailbroken first. To jailbreak, Google search and install Redsn0w and/or absinthe and follow the directions, and carefully. Then, after searching, you will learn how to install the Ultrasn0w carrier unlock through the new program that the jailbreak installed called Cydia. But, do some internet searching since there are thousands of articles on how to do this. Redmond Pie was my favorite and most accurate/complete source of information on this. Hope I could help, Good Luck! JUSTIN :-)
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