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    iPhone 4S Now "In Stock" in Apple Online Stores

    ^_^^_^ Posts: 4,429
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    imageiPhone 4S Now "In Stock" in Apple Online Stores

    Ever since Apple launched iPhone 4S - the fifth generation iPhone - they have had a tough time keeping up with the unprecedented demand.

    The shipping dates quickly slipped from "In Stock" to few days and then to 1 - 2 weeks most of the holiday shopping season. In fact, carriers cited shipping estimates of more than 2-3 weeks a month after iPhone 4S was launched.

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    • PaullyGPaullyG Posts: 5
      via Wordpress
      Where is the unlock Dev Team? Oh i forgot, they would rather spend hours jailbreaking every single fw instead of working on the unlocks.Every software can be hacked into and i can't wait for Geohot or someone else to stick up for the folks who can't afford to buy a factory unlocked iphone 4/4s
    • KlarizKlariz Posts: 1
      via Wordpress
      Amen! We need unlock ASAP!!!!
    • DerrickDerrick Posts: 11
      via Wordpress
      Your best bet is to just walk in a carrier store and ask or just call and ask. I tried online to reserve at an apple store. you know, trying to click reserve for the 8 seconds they are available at 9pm. never worked, at least not after i actually had the money to buy. Before when i was just screwing around i got through fine. go figure. But when i was ready to buy, and had been trying online to reserve for about a week i just happened past a sprint store and wanted to ask about how data speeds were cause i'd heard many complaints. I happened to ask how long their wait list was and they said. "Only a few days for 16GBs an none for 32 and 64 gb versions. I could have one right then if i wanted." I passed and came back the next day and they said they still had em. So i'd check cause many carriers do have stock. Oh and that was two months ago.
    • AnonGAnonG Posts: 0
      via Wordpress
      Hey buddy, why don't you go try unlocking it yourself? Give them a break, geez.
    • What theWhat the Posts: 8
      via Wordpress
      Yah quit ragging n do something productive like get a job n then u could afford to be on a cell network that has an iPhone n not cry about an unlock
    • apple sucksapple sucks Posts: 9
      via Wordpress
      why do u need an unlock?? apple offers the factory unlocked iphones so go buy one of those instead of being a f*ck1ng cheap son of a b1tch.
    • NatalyNataly Posts: 8
      via Wordpress
      I have one lock, it was a present so I'm not going to buy another, Im waiting to unlock it. I understand that he is mad because I'm getting crazy too!
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