Did Apple make a Major Policy Change by Approving Web Browsing Apps for the iPhone?

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imageDid Apple make a Major Policy Change by Approving Web Browsing Apps for the iPhone?

The blogosphere is buzzing with the news that Apple has made a major policy change by approving 3rd party web browsing apps for the iPhone in the last 24 hours. MacRumors is reporting that the web browsing applications that have got approved have original submission dates ranging as far back...

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  • zorro
    zorro Posts: 12
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    I agree, and I think if Apple continue to take this attitude to competing software they will soon come to the notice of the regulators at least in the UK...

  • Nasir
    Nasir Posts: 3
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    I think Apple will allow the other Full blown Webbrowsers soon. I luv Safari, but i do have some issues accessing secure websites in Safari. I wud definately try 3rd party browser.

  • Say
    Say Posts: 2
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    And does Apple ever care what we think!

  • ZedSefi
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    I think it is unfair not to allow any completely independent third party web browsers that are not Dependant on Safari browser. There are many websites which are not customized for iPhone and Safari crashes when trying to browse them on my iPhone (including this website). I have tried some other web browsers which are MyFox (from Cydia) and Google's app, they both crashes with these websites too and this is expected as they are Dependant on Safari browser. I want to see a unique Opera, Firefox & even Google Chrome browsers for iPhone soon because I hope that they will be more stable with all websites and not going to crash frequently like Safari. They may come with their own built-in plugins like Flash player which is a huge advantage to the iPhone community.