iPhone Nano Rumors: Launch in June; Not Coming to US first; Initial Launch in China?

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imageiPhone Nano Rumors: Launch in June; Not Coming to US first; Initial Launch in China?

Macworld 2009 has come and gone and as we had predicted Apple did not announce iPhone Nano at the event but the iPhone Nano rumors haven't stopped. Taiwan's Economic Daily News is reporting that two chip manufacturers, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company and United Microelectronics Corporation, are expected to receive chip...

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  • hatter
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    Hey guys here is some news.
    The dev team has something in the works called redsn0w. MuscleNerd has been posting cryptic messages on his twitter all pointing to this site. every so often the picture changes.

    Here is his latest message:
    MuscleNerd that "3295..." in corner of http://is.gd/fPIP is: a) an escrow hash b) a very good week for devteam c) a bad week for apple d) all the above 27 minutes ago from web

    anyone got any ideas what redsn0w is going to be?

  • Rita
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    I love iphones.They are great and have created a huge set of competetors. I recently say one from palm, its called the Palm Pre, its smaller and cuter than iPhone. Take a look at this article, it has some videos to:-


  • iPhoneHacks
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    Hey Hatter,

    Thanks for the tip!

    Based on the clues (there is one other device… and it certainly isn’t iPhone 3G related), it looks like the Dev team will soon be releasing a solution to jailbreak the 2nd gen iPod Touch.

  • DR
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    First, any images posted since last year is real product, but not from Apple.
    There are so many mp3 players, touch phones in China that look similar to the iphone.
    Same size, smaller size(rumored iphone nano), similar size, etc...
    You cannot imagine how many fakes are out in the world.
    Because of so many reasons Iphon nano seams not a good idea.
    However, maybe it may come out.
    Even it comes out... always the main product is always better than some smaller version.
    Just like iPod touch is better than iPod nano.

  • Rob
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    Great. Count me as somebody wanting one of these.