Photos Taken Using Apple's New iPad

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imagePhotos Taken Using Apple's New iPad

Apple finally unveiled the next generation iPad at the special event yesterday.

The new iPad comes with a number of new features and improvements. One of the major new features is an all-new 5-megapixel iSight rear camera.

While we personally find it quite odd to take photos using the iPad, we have seen quite a few people lately using their iPads to take photos and that trends is only going to increase with the new iPad, which comes with a much improved rear camera.

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    clicking the full pic links gives me....This XML file does not appear to have any style information associated with it. The document tree is shown below. NoSuchKeyThe specified key does not exist.wp-content/uploads/2012/03/new-ipad-camera-1b.jpg77F103CC88B09EBArxbGgRGjcQik1mplTMKbQX4pdoTgpCUKJLOGlXQSMhw1u0AVzcTpd5Jdx43UCLh0
  • iPhoneHacks
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    Sorry about that ... the issue has been fixed now.
  • Phil
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    The pictures look great, but to be honest, most pictures taken in bright sunlight look great. I'd be interested to see pictures in a less bright environment
  • Symph
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    Agree! Lighting is key.
  • Trapp
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  • tetra
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    the flower's fullres pic is upside-down
  • Paradox
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    does it matter? your looking at quality not orientation.
  • Paradox
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    bright sunlight or less light .. the pictures are providing nice edges and low pixilation. Mor importantly the definition of hairs is crisp, and the colors are very bright without annoying levels of color processing by the software. The colors are vivid without appearing fake. Your $300 and less cameras often over process the colors. Lighting won't effect that much. There really isn't a decent low light camera under $500 and even then your talking serious artifacts without a flash. I just don't find the argument your presenting valid because of that. @Symph is a little more on the money when saying lighting is key ... but misses the mark by agreeing... Any camera with a lens that small is going to have horrible low light pictures without a tripod and static scene. Any movement will ruin a low light shot. Unless.... you have a larger lens like in an SLR, or adequate lighting with an appropriate axillary flash. My curiosity however is why an 8mp sensor in the iPhone and only 5mp in the iPad. I am curious as to the physical sensor size. there are 5mp cameras with larger sensors that can outperform 10 mp cameras with little sensors. Again it all has to do with lighting in this case .. a larger 5mp sensor can gather more light than a micro 10mp sensor, therefor richer colors and more detail, because more light can be gathered at once.
  • be noyles
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    whos really gonna lug around this crap to take pix ?!?!
  • Your mom, after I f*ck her in bed.
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  • fas
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    me 2 and its not crap.
  • Ummm Da Dum
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    to be fair the ipad 3 has one big advantage as a camera. The display, how many cameras do you know of that can show you an almost full resolution image before you take the picture. the 4s has a better camera but the view finder (screen) is only 960x640, you dont know if youve taken a truly good picture until youve sent it to your pc or tv and seen it in a higher resolution.
  • Bradley Dichter
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    So if the new iPad has a larger aperture of f2.4, what was the aperture of the iPad 2's rear-facing camera?
  • iPutz
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    That's where you are wrong, grasshopper. Let's say you see a bombshell (or hunk if you're a girl) sitting at another table in your usual taco place. Do you whisk out your phone, or worse, your camera to take a snapshot? Of course not. You don't want to direct her attention to you. It'll be awkward. And who knows her boyfriend/girlfriend could be coming out of the restroom and catch you in the act. So, a tablet. Because everyone can pretend to be a geek--one who doesn't gawk at girls, or at least not live ones--while secretly snapping up all the up-skirts and down-blouses and who knows what else. All this, without your subject's notice. Sure, he/she might think, "Oh look, there's one of those iPad thingies pointing at me. Is that guy/girl sneaking a shot of me?" But then you'd be acting all geeky with both hands and fingers on the iPad, tilting and swiveling madly like you're playing N.O.V.A. 3 (OUT NOW! GO FETCH BOY!) like a spaz. Or you can act like you're reading up on a particularly humorous piece online, and put on a mock LOL while slapping your leg. So then the subject of your photo would turn away, berating herself/himself for feeling so self-conscious and all important like. So who's gonna lug this crap to take pix? I'll tell you who. The smart geeks.