Sprint Free to Offer 4G LTE iPhone if Apple Launches it Later This Year

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imageSprint Free to Offer 4G LTE iPhone if Apple Launches it Later This Year

Now that the 4G LTE iPad is out, it is widely speculated that the next generation iPhone that will be launched later this year will also support 4G LTE networks.

But since the 4G LTE iPad is available only on AT&T and Verizon's network, some doubts have been raised whether Apple will offer the 4G LTE iPhone on Sprint's network as the carrier has just started rolling out its 4G LTE network.

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  • fas
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    So 4G LTE iPhone is surely coming.
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    Fas please stop posting stupid comments every day.... On every post... It doesn't mean sh*t. Apple could never release a 4G LTE phone for all we know.Kind Regard FFS....
  • iOS5
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    It's a no brainer duh..lol
  • Kiwiholden
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    Thank you this fas guy posts like a 7 year old kid I'm so over it!He makes no points, adds no information and has no arguments.Like you said its just pointless!!At least do some trolling or say some immature insults at least they can be entertaining at times
  • Jason
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    I'm seriously cautious about these LTE claims. LTE is a serious energy hog on ANY frequency. We have witnessed this first hand with the iPad 3. Most LTE phones are twice the size of the iPhone and the they don't use LTE as their primary connection, only offering it as an option to make the phone acceptable for daily life use. iPhone 4s already suffers from serious power consumption on at&t's H+ network. What will happen if its the same form factor and adds another band of cellular data. Then again if it does increase the size of the phone, you have countless of docks and addons that consumers and manufacturers need to either update or just simply throw out. They either need to make the next iPhone the same size factor as other android phones, come up with a new battery technology, or have serious decline in battery life. We'll just have to wait and see how the engineers at apple tackle this problem.
  • AT&T rapes me
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    It's cool according to AT&T I already have 4G, so if they want me to upgrade it better be something good
  • fas
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    Will try harder next time, sorry ;-(